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Cynthia Skief: Why Put God and Prayer Back in Our Schools?

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Cynthia Skief

 Proverbs 22:6 (KJV) 6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

June 2013 marks the 50 year anniversary prayer was taken out of our schools.  In June of 1963, the Supreme Court upheld the argument of Madelyn Murray O’Hare, the atheist that fought to outlaw prayer in our schools, and remove God’s name from the public domain of the United States. God’s name was forbidden to be mentioned in any federal, state, county, city, or municipal context.

How did the Supreme Court allow this to happen? Where was the church? Where were the parents? How could mere men (the Supreme Court) decide that our God is not welcome in our nation.  He’s the Creator of the universe; the Alpha and Omega; the beginning and the end. I am embarrassed to have heard that such a thing happened in our nation.  I constantly repent to God for not doing my part for our children and not declaring “Put God, and Prayer, Back in Our Schools.”


When 90% of the U.S. Population is religious and 85% of it Christian, that is more than enough people within our nation to take a stand and declare Put God and Prayer Back in Our Schools.


We have sat on the sidelines long enough.  We are guilty of watching our nation for the past 50 years face consequence after consequence for allowing the enemy to control our nation. We will continue to face consequences for allowing the Supreme Court to reject and remove the Name of our God from our schools and courtrooms. We must our voices as one nation under God and declare “Put God and Prayer Back in Our Schools.”


Why Should Our Nation Put God and Prayer Back in Our Schools?

Deadly school shootings in the past 50 years:


Texas – August 1, 1966

Charles Whitman opened fire from the clock tower at the University of Texas at Austin, killing 16 people and wounding 31.


Moses Lake, Washington – February 2, 1996

Barry Loukaitis, 14, killed a teacher and two students at Frontier Junior High School before he was disarmed by another teacher. He is currently serving two life sentences.


Paducah, Ky. – December 1, 1997

Michael Carneal, 14, opened fire on a group of students participating in a prayer group at Heath High School, killing three and injuring five. Carneal is currently serving life in prison.


Jonesboro, Ark. – March 24, 1998

Two boys, ages 11 and 13, fired on their Jonesboro, Ark., middle school from nearby woods, killing four girls and a teacher and wounding 10 others. Both boys were later convicted of murder and can be held until age 21.


Colorado – April 20, 1999

Students Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17, opened fire at Columbine High School in Colorado, killing 12 classmates and a teacher and wounding 26 others before killing themselves in the school’s library.


Red Lake, Minn. – March 21, 2005

A 16-year-old kills seven, including five students, at a high school on the Red Lake Indian Reservation in Minnesota before taking his own life.


Nickle Mines, Pa. – October 2, 2006

A milk-truck driver stormed a one-room Amish schoolhouse and then opened fire on a dozen girls, killing five before committing suicide.


Virginia – April 16, 2007

Seung Hui Cho, 23, killed 32 people and himself on Virginia Tech campus.


Chardon, Ohio – February 27, 2012

Three students were killed and two wounded after police say T.J. Lane, 17, opened fire inside the cafeteria of Chardon High School in Ohio earlier this year. Jury selection has started in Lane’s trial.


Newton, Conn. – December 14, 2012

A lone gunman killed 26 people at Sandy Hook elementary school, including 20 children.

And if that’s not enough, what about the shootings that we have not heard about?  What about the ones we never will never hear about? How many more of these shootings can we take?


Get ready to be part of a great movement in turning our nation back to God and prayer back in our Schools. Visit www.ournationcampaign.com to learn more.

Written by:  Cynthia Skief – National Leader, Our Nation Campaign


  • PilotX says:

    There is absolutely no evidence mandating a certain religion in public schools will do anything to stop violence. Actually, there is no law stopping any person who wants to pray in school from doing so. The problem that I see is that people of a certain brand of religion want to indoctrinate children in their chosen religion instead of allowing the parents and children themselves to decide whether or not they want to pray. For your own education, please read the law yourself. A student is allowed to pray as long as these rules are followed, 1. they do so voluntarily 2. they do not disturb anyone else and 3. they do not do so to avoid school work. Simple enough? Heck, religious study can be held on public grounds as long as the facilities are not being used by the school for a function so anyone can pray in an empty classroom anytime they choose. So what seems to be the problem?

  • PilotX says:

    And who is this “our” god? Let’s be logical, if your god is so powerful how did it allow itself to be “removed” from the classroom? BTW, we atheists have rights too. Keep your religion out of our schools and we’ll keep science out of your church. And to answer your question where was the church when this decision was made, it was where it was supposed to be, outside of the government. Question, if Muslims were the majority and mandated Islamic prayers would you like that? If not then why should you force your beliefs down everyone elses’ throats?

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