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150 more years and mission accomplished. And the Left has the wicked, demonic nerve to call the GOP and the Tea Party racist? THIS is the spirit of the Democratic Party, from its inception until …

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Urgent: “MLK, Jr. Billboard Project”

Submitted by on July 3, 2009 – 9:51 am48 Comments

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Leading America’s 2nd Emancipation

June 15, 2009

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard good conservatives and Republicans ask the question, “How can we begin sharing with the African-American community the true history of the GOP? We’re the party that freed the slaves!”  For many, maybe even you, it’s a concern that so many in the Black community don’t know the history of the party and we’re always looking for a way to get the truth  to them.  The party that always wanted to keep them down was the Democratic Party.  The party that really shares their values is the Republican Party.
We suffer from frustration because it appears that many of our party leaders are at a loss for how to get the message to the communities of color that we have always been the party of equality, prosperity, and individual liberty.  Sometimes it appears we are just feeling around in the dark trying to grasp for an answer and we keep coming up empty handed.
The team of RagingElephants.org feels we have a plan that will be effective.  Our mission is to focus on “messaging”, to engage the communities of colors with truth, and compel them to learn more about the party of Lincoln and reassess their political affiliations.

Our messaging has to rely heavily on “old media” — radio, TV, periodicals, and billboards.  Although the rise of new media has been fast and furious, the facts are it’s still a relatively small number of people that enjoy Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social networking sites.  Everyone has a radio, a TV, or passes by billboards most everyday.
Our next big messaging project is a massive billboard in the African-American neighborhood of 3rd Ward/Sunnyside, in Houston.
A few weeks ago when this revelation came to me, this billboard was not available and was being leased.  Just a few weeks later, on my way to my church that’s in this neighborhood, what do I notice? — it’s available.  I think this is divine intervention and we have to take advantage of this opportunity, NOW!
What’s so special about this billboard?  It sits at the Martin Luther King, Jr. exit of the 610 South Loop in Houston.  And we want to lease the billboard with the phase, “Martin Luther King, Jr. Was a Republican” to greet everyone that intends to travel on MLK, Jr. Blvd.
We think this is the type of messaging — psychological warfare, if you will — that will go a long way to achieving our goal of compelling voters from minority communities to become aware of the political history of their community, and take a fresh look at the GOP and conservative principles.

How Can You Help?
Haven’t we learned from the liberals and their very aggressive organizations?  When they need to get a project, a mission, a call-to-action funded, they rely on those like-minded supporters to dig deep into their pockets, with little hesitation, to provide the funding to get it done.  We MUST do the same.
The RagingElephants.org team is relying on you to help us fight back.  We were founded to be a counterweight to the powerful left-wing machine.  But, it’s all a dream if our partners don’t support our efforts in a timely and big way.
Billboards in many towns are quite affordable.  But this is Houston — a major media market.  So, we need a well-funded coffer in order to keep our billboard for several months.  That’s the best way to make an effective impact on the neighborhood.
You can help by making the best donation that you can, TODAY!
What Do We Need?
It’s very simple. We need at least 600 RagingElephants to donate $35 or more to give us a good start.  It would be awesome if every single person receiving this e-blast would contribute.  That could possibly fund our budget for the remainder of the year!
This is how organizations such as MoveOn, Emily’s List, and the continuing Obama campaign, Organizing for America,  get their campaigns funded.  We MUST do the same.  We must be willing to give again and again.  A revenue stream must be established so the battle will never temporarily halt.
Take action, TODAY!  We want to fight.  Help fund the “army”.

To view and enjoy this week’s RagingVlog, “MLK, Jr. Billboard Campaign” click :
Billboard Project 2Billboard Project 1

The billboard will look like this when leased and complete:

MLK Billboard layout
We’ve produced a special RagingVlog just for this campaign.

RagingElephants.org Special Address

It’s time for us to begin exerting our force and flexing our muscles!  It begins with you, clicking on this link RagingElephants.org Billboard Campaign, and making the best donation you can.
Once again we’re looking for all our partners to try and match or exceed $35.  We hope you’re excited about the possibilities.

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Apostle Claver T. Kamau-Imani


  • David says:

    Was Martin Luther King, Jr. actually a Republican?

  • According to his neice, Dr. Alveday, the entire family were members of the GOP. She has produced a radio commercial that we consistently play on the Christian Politician Radio show. And the video is posted on YouTube.

  • Correction. Dr. Alveda King.

  • Esther Lum says:

    God bless you for taking a stand and speaking out! I was just at your Tea Party meeting at Sandy’s and I truly believe God has given you a voice and an anointing to reach the black community with such an important message. I cannot tell you how many times I have wondered why the majority of the black community votes one way, but believes another, and you addressed this so well tonight. God has given you a divine strategy to shift this city and this nation. I have a witness in my spirit to everything you said and pray God continues to bless you and your work to advance his kingdom!!
    I consider it a privilege to be able to give and support this billboard for 1 month, and hope to do much more in the days ahead. I hope others will rise to the challenge of giving into what you are doing – people need to realize that if government continues on its current path, the day will soon come when we won’t have anything left to give because the government will have taken all of it.

  • Joe The Precinct Chairman says:

    We can not yield a single vote in this country to the liberal dems. Their strategy is to tell the masses the lie over and over and over just as it was done in the previous dismantling of democracies in history.

    “Indeed there were prophets of our times. In years past when others were silent or too blind to the facts, they spoke up forcefully and fearlessly for what they believed to be right.”

    If we do not speak the truth fearlessly to our Black Brothers and Sisters then we will have failed our country. The truth on these bill-boards will empower the people to see the truth of the message of the Republican sojourners that went before us.

    Houston is the epicenter for the second emancipation and it is up to us fund the message of freedom and liberty. Now let’s git ‘er done for our country. Now let’s go out and raise the funds for the Truth Project wherever we can find a donor who has given up on the GOP.

    “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children, this the last best hope of man on earth, or we sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail at least let our children and our children’s children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done.”
    Joe The Precinct Chairman

  • Joe The Precinct Chairman says:

    We can not yield a single vote in this country to the liberal dems. Their strategy is to tell the masses the lie over and over and over just as it was done in the previous dismantling of democracies in history.

    If we do not speak the truth fearlessly to our Black Brothers and Sisters then we will have failed our country. The truth on these bill-boards will empower the people to see the truth of the message of the Republican sojourners that went before us.

    “Indeed there were prophets of our times. In years past when others were silent or too blind to the facts, they spoke up forcefully and fearlessly for what they believed to be right.”

    Houston is the epicenter for the second emancipation and it is up to us fund the message of freedom and liberty. Now let’s git ‘er done for our country. Now let’s go out and raise the funds for the Truth Project wherever we can find a donor who has given up on the GOP.

    “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children, this the last best hope of man on earth, or we sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail at least let our children and our children’s children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done.”
    Joe The Precinct Chairman

  • Michael Edwards says:

    I heard you speak at the TEA ralley on July 2, in Conroe,Tx and I was blessed to hear you give such a wonderful, and moving message!
    I wish more ,who attended the meeting,had stayed long enough to hear you speak.
    I looked at your radio link but I could not tell when you are on the am1050 station, it was not clear.
    Please advise .
    Also are you also a paster at a local church?



  • Kim Dyches says:

    My thoughts exactly. I am sending this site on to all my friends and fellow patriots. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  • Kim Dyches says:

    How do we convince you to run for office?

  • Cathy says:

    I too heard your speech last night at the TEA rally in Conroe and was so impressed I went straight home and sent the link to your website to friends and family. Is there any way you can get a video of the speech and post it to the website so others can have the opportunity to hear your words? Perhaps the North Houston Tea Party can post it as well.

    One other item. When telling my co-workers about your organization this morning, one person had already seen the billboard and loved it!

  • Dan McLain says:

    I also want to personally thank you for speaking at th July 2nd Tea Party in Conroe, TX. I brought my 19 year old daughter (attending UT) who was extremely impressed by your message and mission. You are certainly a dedicated patriot.

  • Melinda Brieger says:

    Thank you so much for listening to the holy spirit! I saw you speak last night and felt energized. You are blessed with the ability to get convey God’s message in a truthful, powerful way! I hope that all our brothers and sisters see that they must stick to their moral principles and their God given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! That they must see the tyranny of our possessed government which is a true OBAMAmination! I hope they feel compelled to spread the truth about the GOP and not be afraid to stand tall and proud amongst their peers and family! To vote and judge a person on the content of their character, not the color of their skin! I love the billboard and I am going to donate right now! God Bless You! God Bless America! Melinda

  • Erin says:

    Apostle Claver, I heard you speak for the first time last night (July 2) at the North Houston Tea Party in Conroe – VERY POWERFUL! Thank you sharing your fire, passion and insights with us in the ‘burbs. You are truly on a mission to enlighten – and thereby empower – ALL the people to take back control of their lives from an oppressive government. I admire your efforts to reframe the debate as a fundamental question of right vs. wrong, liberty vs. tyranny, instead of just “Democrat vs. Republican”, as these party distinctions have become blurred. Unfortunately, both political parties have proven to be “equal-opportunity” liars, cheats, and power-grabbers. I hope your message will not only wake up the Kool-Ade drinkers to the current realities, but inspire a new generation of leaders to step forward and return the Republican party to its core conserative values including “liberty and justice for ALL”. I was inspired to donate (within my means) to RagingElephants and will continue to follow your work and help however I can. Again, THANK YOU!!

  • The Compass says:

    I attended the Tea Party in Conroe yesterday. I can not begin to tell you how wonderful it was to hear you speak. I am white, I am Conservative, and I am an American. I am also frustrated that the conservative movement is portrayed as “white”. I believe that there are many African-American Conservatives out there who misunderstand the movement, and therefore are afraid to join in. We need you! It is a philosophy, not a skin color, race or creed.

    I looked at my wife last night and said, we need to support Raging Elephants. I appreciate that you are taking a bold stand to advance the rights of personal freedom over statist equality and challenge the status quo. I will encourage others to support your efforts as well.

    You made my Fourth of July weekend! Thank you!

  • Reader says:

    Do you have access to any more substantial proof that MLK Jr was a republican than the word of one of his relatives, such as his voting record?

  • Kevin Watts says:

    I like that. I just saw this on the news and thought it was pretty good. Thanks and keep up the good work…that sign will get you all a lot of coverage for sure!

  • Garrett Jones says:

    Keep up the good work?????????? Its funny to me that the GOP never cared about people of color until they were in danger of being wiped out in last years election. If you would like to save your party and maybe ( though highly unlikely at the rate you’re, going) expand on your base, let me give you some advice. Women, Afro Americans, Hispanics, and the rest of middle American vote for strong and intelligent candidates who study on the issues affecting them, have logical solutions to complex problems, are TOLERANT of others and are not prone to quitting on the job ( Sarah Palin).

    What you shouldn’t do is take an American hero and attempt to use his image and legacy for political gain. Especially when you have the leaders of your party calling judges “affirmative action cases”.

  • Kathy says:

    IT IS GOOD WORK. The democratic party is the party of seperation. Always has been and always will be. They are the party that nurtured the Klan and they fought AGAINST civil rights until JFK tuned them into the value of the black vote.

    Most Blacks are raised with conservative values. Unfortunately their pride was played in the last presidential election.

    And regarding the “affirmative action cases”, Ms. Sotomayer made an error in her judgement that was just decided upon by the current U.S. Supreme court. That New Haven firefighter case is a case that represents a great diservice to the public by her. Ms. Sotomayer has also stated publicly that she wouldn’t be where SHE is without AA.

  • susie says:

    Garrett Jones, Obama won because of the color of his skin. His credentials leave him woefully unprepared for this job. How is increasing our national debt a logical solution for a complex problem.

    If you were to actually study American history you would find that during the Reconstruction Era it was the Republican party who pushed for increased political involvement by African Americans in the South. For a time, they were successful until the Democrats slowly began to roll back the gains made by African Americans. Go read it for yourself.

  • Phred Tree says:

    Weren’t the Democrats opposed to the Civil Rights amendment?

  • Jerome says:

    Democrats always speak of tolerance, and yet they’re always the ones who are adamantly intolerant of other people’s opinions. Thanks for that example, Garrett!

  • Ted Walker says:

    I for one am a black conservative accountant and financial professional. My progression to conservatism started as follows:

    I was an inculcated democrat because my family were democrats. Living in Cleveland Ohio my family participated in the election of Carl Stokes the first black mayor of a major city.

    I was was a black nationalist as a younge person and saw a lot of ugly behavior on the part of blacknationalist and panter party members towards their own people

    Disallutioned with both democrats and black nationalist/Panther Party. I became a socialist. My mother talked me out of joining the younge socialist alliance for fear it might hurt me in the future, she was right.

    I like to tell those who wish to know my political affiliation now, I grew up and became a conservative. Conservatism is the best political system that teaches the values that black people need to know and live such as patriatism, marriage commitment, stewardship of money, respect for the rights and property of others and as a christian love and respect for all humanity, not just black people.

    I am intrigued by this website from a news account I saw on Fox news about MLK being a republican and the billboard. I am pleased to see your efforts to bring awareness to our people.

  • Brian says:

    Hahaha @ Garrett Jones #7.

    And what “logical solutions to complex problems” has your savior Obama come up with? MORE bailouts?!? 11% unemployment when he told us it wouldn’t crack the 8% barrier? Jumping into bed with Marxists in South America, nominating what could possibly be a racist to the Supreme Court?

    Bush bailed out AIG in the final months in office… Obama preached change. He then turns around and does exactly what Bush did, bailout more PRIVATE businesses that had NO RIGHT to receive tax payer funds. Obama said there would be transparency, but then denies almost EVERY single FOIA request, even those from liberal activists. C’mon now Garrett, stop drinking the Kool-Aid!

    This fool sitting in the White House is on the verge of devaluing the American dollar to a level NEVER SEEN in American history. This fool is Bush #3, and the liberals don’t even notice it. What happened to pulling out of Afghanistan and Iraq? We’re still there, just like Bush and his administration were doing. Why? BECAUSE IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO! But oh no, Obama gets the credit for being a trend setter… yea right, give me a break!

  • Dawn says:

    Mr Jones,
    Sarah Palin is not a quitter. People who don’t listen to liberal rags, know she doesn’t need a title to “affect change” Her state was set back 2 million dollars of AK taxpayer’s money and 500,000 of her own money to fight the bogus ethic complaints. The most honorable thing for her to do was “quit”. What about Obama campaigning for President while a Senator on the tax payer’s dime?!! She is not falling for the attacks by Chicago thugs. She has thrown down the gauntlet and is now unleashed to make some real “change” for the good.
    As far as the GOP not caring for people of color. The dems pander to the “people of color” to buy votes. A true conservative does not look at color. We are all equal with equal rights to achieve whatever dreams we want to pursue. We are all Americans. So moooove on

    To Raging elephants,
    Keep the faith. You have stirred up a hornet’s nest. I appreciate your efforts to educate the black community. God Bless

  • arlenearmy says:

    I just found out about this from foxnews website. Quanell X is a very bad role model for black folks. I am very proud of this Raging elephant project. And the billboard display is a great idea. I have been sending this link to other sites so that it can get the best exposure it can possible get.

    Are you guy gonna put up billboard in 5th ward ? Though I dont live in Houston anymore, I think it would be a good idea.

    Also, it would be a good idea to have t-shirts that replicate the billboard.

  • arlenearmy says:

    I posted your youtube video onto my friends wordpress blog.


    Sometime w/in the next few days I will update my blog to help get the word out.

  • Mike says:

    Bring your billboards to North Houston (aka Dallas)! People up here need to be educated!

  • Jake says:

    As a Christian white male I’m very excited about what your organizaton is doing and the billboards are just a strat. I’m glad this grassroots movement within the black community is challenging the norms. Our contry has gotten off track in every social sector and it is not a black, white, red, or brown thing – it is the fact theUSA has been on a downhill moral decline.

    Keep pushing Christian values – they are the core of society that will help EVEYONE!

  • Tyrone says:

    As a 30 yr old man I always smelled a rat. In school I use to wonder what Lincoln was, Republican or Dumacrap. I listen to what my friends with kids say what kid are being taught in school and think that not what I was taught. Since the Dems and Teacher Union is tight, you get the point. As a victim to black genocide, meaning my mother was told to have an abortion by a racist white lady doctor 3 times before she had me because she might die. Luckly one of her friends told her the woman didn’t like black people and stop her from going to her while preganant with me. I get tired of the dems hollering racism this, racism that!! I guess they forget about that social group they had that came from Tennessee. It went around lynching blacks. It went around lynching white repubs white democrats that were against slavery, plus they burned crosses in peoples yards and they wore white sheets.(Ku Klux KLan) Keep making a statement Raging Elephants!!!!!

  • A.F. says:

    Thank god for groups such as these that speak the truth about America, it’s great principles, and the constitution. With the democrats controlling the African-American vote, we NEED groups like these. They need our support! If you believe in freedom, liberty, and equality, support this group and the conservative movement!

  • Jay Prior says:

    If the head of this wonderful organization contacted Michael Savage, the calls-it-as-he-sees-it radio host, there’s little doubt that millions of deceived wishful-thinkers would begin to sparkle with purpose. I used to be a hammer & sickle kind of guy myself, until his wisdom, along with that of select others, convinced me first and foremost that collective rights cannot exist without collective responsibility. May your echoes be louder than your cries!!!

  • Travis says:

    As a white guy Im glad some of my fellow men and women have seen past the racial “divide” Im so tired of black on white racism and white on black racism, MLK wanted to end it all, and what has happend the rolls have been reversed now that we have a “black” president, in my opinion he just our president I hope he succeds but realistically think he we fail, (not because he is black) you dont know how many times I have heard “MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK, MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK!” like that has anything to do with how well a man can run this country.


  • Garrett jones says:

    Here we go…

    Kathy says: “The democratic party is the party of seperation. Always has been and always will be. They are the party that nurtured the Klan and they fought AGAINST civil rights until JFK tuned them into the value of the black vote”

    * Thank you Kathy for that comment but your not making any sense. On one hand you said democratic party will “always” be a party of seperation, but in the same breath you’ve pointed out excually When and How the party changed?!!! Not sure if you meant to do that but…thanks. Anyway im glad you made that point because it gives and example of how the GOP can build its base. JFK and LBJ both were inspired by the civil rights movement and because of their support Dems have had most people of colors vote every since. The GOP should take notes.

    Susie says:
    “Garrett Jones, Obama won because of the color of his skin. His credentials leave him woefully unprepared for this job. How is increasing our national debt a logical solution for a complex problem.”

    * By God you’re right! Obama is just the next black man in a LONG line great black presidents. His name will be craved in stone with the likes of Jesse Jackson, Rev Al Sharpton, and the great unifier Alan Keyes. As an African American I understand that for far too long we have held back white men and women is this country :-)

    You cant be serious with that first statement, and thank you for the reconstruction lesson. I thought Birth of a Nation was a charming movie too!!!! My comment to Kathy applies to you also. The reason Republicans lost the minority vote and alot of middle America is because of their unwillingness to adapt to the rest of the country when it socially shifts. You are correct about the Dems during the reconstruction but you forgot to read about the Dems change in the 60′s and why republicans are so big in the south. Believe it or not im a big history buff also ;-). On a side note I don’t think you want to compare resumes when it came to the cannidates. True, McCain has served longer in the senate but he was also a part of majority than put us in a war we shouldn’t be in and created the national dept. Palin had a year and half as a governor and didn’t have passport.

    Kathy and Susie…..your heart is in the right place. Kathy you have a understand how history can shape a nation and change a party. Susie…..you might want to do alittle more homework.

    PS: Dawn and Brian ill get to you guys later.


  • susie says:

    ACKKKK! GARRETT, you get your history lessons from movies? I said “go read it for yourself.” I’m talking about original sources that can be found online and in most libraries.

    The Dems in the 60′s had no choice but to sign off on civil rights due to the very brave acts of Dr. King, Rosa Parks and many others-black and white, not because they were following the Constitution. But read more and study about the brave acts all throughout the South bringing a focus to the injustices of the DEMOCRATIC south long before Dr. King. Take a look at the case in New Orleans of Plessy vs Ferguson in 1896 which shows that the Supreme Court is not infallible and makes huge mistakes or the Dred Scott decision before that.

    That’s why education is key here …especially of African American history. Obama is correct is calling for further study of African American history. It’s sad that quality of life and education for young black children in the inner cities has collapsed and no one cares, not one single Black leader stands up for those trapped there. Which leads me to think that DEMOCRATIC leaders like it that way. How else can they retain power except to keep people trapped on welfare in violent situations.

    I’m not talking about comparing resumes. I never said I liked McCain. I’m talking about taking a good long look at a candidates’ record and Obama’s doesn’t stand up. I’m talking about voting for a candidate because you’ve educated yourself to the issues and backgrounds of the candidates, not because of their sloganeering or the color of their skin.

  • Joie says:

    Susie, You need to do more research as well – the actual reason that the Civil Rights Act passed was due to getting the support of Northern Republicans – the Southern Democrats did not vote for it to the level that would have passed it and in fact without the support of the Republican Party it would not have passed when it did. That is not to take away from the fact that Dr. King and Rosa Parks did indeed draw attention to the problem – but we do need to keep the facts in front of people because I would bet not 1 out of 100 people know that it was the Republicans that pushed the bill through!!

  • truknamthlo says:

    Democrats were in control of the South during the era of the Jim Crow Laws. Democrats required poll taxes, poll tests, etc, only if the voter in question was going to vote Republican. If he voted Democrat, no poll test was required. This is why the majority of Black voters today are Democrats. This is a fact buried in the history books by the liberal authors. Sixty years of War on Poverty, Welfare, etc. have only helped to keep African Americans enslaved emotionally, and economically. The greatest crime in this country has been the wasting of such lives that could have brought us great works of art, science, invention, and philosophy, but were cut short due to the systematic destruction of their self-worth by the educational system and the media bias that they “need help”. As long as one believes the constant media message the (s)he is a poor, downtrodden slave, he will be a slave. (S)He only has to say, “I am a strong, independent (wo)man, capable to chart my own destiny, and be whatever I want.” Instead of affecting the fake lifestyle of a “gangsta” that glorifies in misogyny and killing his own.

  • Tracy says:

    A wonderful education video that all African American people need to see: Some for a refresher course and others for a chance to learn the truth in History.

    A DVD entitled: Found through Wallbuilders:

    Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White

    Before one goes on an uneducated rant about black history entangled in politics, watch this video first. Setting the Record Straight is a unique view of the religious and moral heritage of black Americans, with an emphasis on the untold yet significant stories from our rich political history. The material presented is ground-breaking and revolutionary, leaving viewers amazed and inspired.

  • Monique says:

    The next billboard should quote Frederick Douglass who said, “Each colored voter of the State should say in Scripture phrase, “may my hand forget its cunning and my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth if I ever raise my voice or give my vote for the nominees of the Democratic Party.” Now Frederick Douglass was in fact a Republican, and so were the first seven black men ever elected to Congress. Most blacks were Republicans because they new that the Democratic party was against them. The Republicans were the ones that freed the slaves and gave them rights. The Democrats voted against every bill that would have given blacks freedoms. And when the Democrats gained the power in the Congress, they stopped reconstruction and overturned many of the freedoms for blacks that the Republicans had passed into law.

  • Kenneth R. Wolters, Sr. says:

    Thank you for this website. I have been enjoying the refreshing news coming from an organization that looks beyound color and veiws us all as equel. The fact that MLK and his family were all Republicans is nothing new. This is old news but non-the-less I enjoy hearing of a great man with God given talents, how he lead a people, under the direction of God. America needs more Men and Women like MLK. People with the conviction of Right and who will carry the banner high. God is in control, Not President Obama, Not me or any other man. God will be arriving soon and we Black,white or whatever, will be going home together. REMEMBER, GOD LOVES ALL, NO MATTER WHAT THE COLOR OF SKIN.He made us all in His image. God bless all of you my brothers and sisters. If we cannot get along here on earth how will we get along in Heaven.

  • Hans says:

    I just heard you on Hannity radio and went to your site. You are right on point. You put Jesus first and our country’s principals should follow. Keep up the good work. I will be praying for you, and spreading the word about your work. GOD bless you and your work.

  • Iris Williams says:

    I am a 54 yo “wise conservative latina woman”. I thank God that I learned of this grassroots movement today. I knew conservatives of color were out there, but didn’t know where to find them. There are millions of us out here, but we have not had much of a voice till now. I was once a single mom on welfare, and made a choice to take advantage of the resources available to me to learn to work my way out of the black hole that is poverty and ignorance. My heart is saddened when I see young black and latin men & women, living their lives in darkness & dishonor. I live near New Orleans and the young black men are killing each other. This has to stop!! Michael Steele, Bill Cosby, and Clarence Thomas are right! The truth is that christian conservatives saw the evil that was slavery & fought to set slaves free. The bible says that “you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” God Bless

  • William says:

    Obama doesn’t have a clue as to what his is doing except distroying this country,he is too young and inexperienced to lead this country.He doesnt tell the truth and he fabricates what he says,and as far as those socalled congressman and lawmakers on the Hill,Term LIMITS.

  • Judith says:

    This is great—I am not black, but I am a member of the National Black Republican Association because they bring out the best information on American History, doing a job that the RNC is not doing. I would note re your recent article that the dems abused Ken Blackwell (who could have been a candidate for President had he won the Ohio Governorship_ and Lynn Swann, who ran in PA. It is wonderful to see an aggressive (in the positive sense, competing as in Ephesians 6) conservative Christian outreach to bring out brothers and sisters back to Constitutional principles and the freedom that comes from adhering to God’s Word. The “liberation theology” actually marxism with a Chistian veneer that has infiltrated many black churches has deceived many of our elect brothers and sisters.

    I am so glad you have the courage that many Republicans (particularly RINOS) lack, to confront the deceptions that the socialists have used to separate Americans by color, when our Word of God says there is no male or female, bond or free (or by extension, black or what) In Christ, and our Constitution, based on the Word of God, committed our nation to “all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights.” .

    ISo msny of my black colleagues are essentially conservative and Chrsitian, but have been deceived into always voting dem–for the very people who have always enslaved them, first phsyically and politically and now mentally and spiritually.

  • Judith says:

    Another idea for a billboard.

    If/ you’re black, you should be Republican.

    (And then list the reasons—party FOUNDED to end slavery, suppport of Civli Rights legislation by Nixon, apppintments made on the basis of merit by Republican Presidents, examples like Dr. Condoleeza Rice, Justice Clarence Thomas, support for strong, traditional families, financial independence and orosperity…,.

  • susie says:

    Joie, in researching on the web, all one has to do is look at the actual vote..which party voted yea and which voted nay to know it was Republicans who pushed it through. But that’s really not the point of my post. I want all people to study the bold actions of African Americans all through American history. Those brave activists are rolling in their graves as we watch young black men murder each other and imitate the ignorance and violence of the rap culture.

    William, where’s the movement for TERM LIMITS??? I’m on board. End the abuse of power in Washington by passing TERM LIMITS legislation. Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia

  • Ron Platt says:

    Go to blackgenocide.org. The most glaring atrocity we face and must overcome is the slaughter of the most innocent among us. It is so evil, and has been for 35 years. This is an invisible racial travesty against blacks and hispanics. They are sought out by Planned Parenthood and our government establishments are promoting this! See the latest Health Care madness. The other issues pale in comparison. What a sick society.

  • Admittedly, this is a little after the fact, but still worth sharing.
    My feeling is if we all practice what we preach, and preach less we will be true disciples and eventually convince people like Kisha that there truly is a GOD.


  • John Toomy says:

    To quote Joe Wilson, “You Lie!”
    Sorry, but Rev King, Jr was focused on civil rights and partisan politics were not relevant.
    He never endorsed either party or any candidate.
    At that time, he was more concerned with quality education and equal opportunities for all.
    Funny that you call yourself an apostle, because you have nothing in common with Christ. Jesus would have been concerned with bettering the lives of the poor, social justice, feeding the hungry, not about making more money so you can have that obnoxious ear ring.
    You’re not a Christian and you’re a sad excuse for an American.
    A loose definition of the Tea Party might be millions of pissed-off white people sent chasing after Mexicans on Medicaid by the handful of banks and investment firms who advertise on Fox and CNBC.

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