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February 3, 2013 – 2:36 pm | 15 Comments

150 more years and mission accomplished. And the Left has the wicked, demonic nerve to call the GOP and the Tea Party racist? THIS is the spirit of the Democratic Party, from its inception until …

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Apostle Claver: The GOP “Brown” Panic

Submitted by on April 15, 2013 – 11:04 am9 Comments

ClaverIt’s been a media blitz by the “so-called” GOP leaders in the last couple of weeks to explain the proposed “solution” to the immigration problem of the Unites States.  You may have heard Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina giving his explanation of the intentions of the U.S. Senate’s Gang of 8 on national radio.  Even the glorified Hannity seems to be on board.  You may have watched all 7 appearances of Senator Marco Rubio on Sunday’s talk shows.  But, it all boils down to one pure, political emotion.  Panic! With amnesty on the lips of most everyone, it is now being reported that there’s a run for the border by foreign nationals that want to be in the country before the impending amnesty law goes into affect.

Here in Texas, the Republican “leadership” is running scared like pre-schoolers at the mention of closet monsters.  The Hispanic population of the state is approaching 40%, whites are below 50%, and as a result elected officials and the plutocratic puppet masters are rolling over for amnesty like dead roaches.

On the national scene, the condition isn’t much different.  Lead by senate occupants and RNC party big wigs, the thought pattern is to look at the fact that Latinos comprise 16.6% of the national population and conclude that the only way to win their voting support is to totally capitulate on the immigration/amnesty issue.

The stance that these elected officials have decided to put forth is more reason to distrust their leadership and, frankly, question the wisdom of the electorate, en masse.  Who are the people that elected these spineless, brainless, squids?  Whomever they are, as a committed conservative – an ultra conservative, even – it’s becoming more apparent that maybe I don’t have very much in common with these voters.  They surrender too quickly and easily.  They obviously don’t understand the facts on the ground.  Are they exercising their franchise on extremely low information?  They apparently listen too intently to the propaganda that is blasted from Washington, Devil City (from both parties) and the masters of propaganda identified as the Democratic Party and the Leftist media.  Surely, they can’t be persuaded by the arguments that are being presented to them by the “all-powerful-all-knowing” federal and state officeholders?

The Republican Party of Texas has been infiltrated by pro-amnesty Latinos that mask themselves as conservatives.  Along with the pro-amnesty plutocrats, they are effectively pressuring the spineless squid RINOs in the state Capitol, and the party officials that office on Lavaca Avenue in Austin to roll over on the issue of immigration and amnesty.  Their argument is that the party has to roll over in order to secure the votes of Hispanics in the state of Texas, and the argument is presented for the national party, as well.  Do NOT be deceived!  That is NOT the case!

Do not fall for the deception.  Every time you hear a party official, legislator, or political executive make the argument that the only way to win the Hispanic vote is to roll over on the issue of amnesty, you have identified someone who is utterly uninformed on the matter and is ill-equipped to be a “leader” for the conservative cause.  They have swallowed the kool-aid and are not worthy of high office.

The facts are very straight forward.  The Latino portion of the national electorate is a mere 9%.  Even the homosexual portion of the electorate is higher.  In Texas, the Latino portion of the electorate is a mere 20%.   This idea that the Latino population has this incredible electoral power is a myth and scare tactic put forth for the purpose of making the GOP cower.  And, it has worked!  The GOP leadership is in full panic mode and thus, are ready to capitulate on immigration and amnesty.  They’ve caved and compromised with the cover of glossing themselves as being statesman-like.

The inept GOP leadership won’t do the prudent thing.  The prudent thing is to recognize that the polling numbers show that African-American voters are adamantly against amnesty.  Black voters understand that amnesty harms their community and employment opportunities more than any other community.  Yet, instead of understanding this reality and using their resources to convince Black voters to switch party allegiance through effective messaging, GOP leadership would rather launch a timid “outreach” campaign toward the Black electorate, essentially, and capitulate to the idea of amnesty in the hopes that all of a sudden liberal Latino voters will label the party as “friendly” to Hispanics.  How idiotic!

Most of us clearly grasp what the solutions are to the illegal immigration problem.  But, for those that do not, a composition will be forthcoming outlining some of the more obvious.



  • Don Kirchoff says:

    The time is long overdue for Republicans, yes all of us conservatives, to understand that a very high percent of people of color share our conservative values – they just don’t vote that way. If conservatives are to win elections, we must support Raging Elephants campaigns to convince Black voters to switch party allegiance. Let’s contribute to Raging Elephants’ effective messaging campaigns.

  • Ronald D Thompson says:

    I agree with you entirely. First of all, even if we do grant amnesty, it is unlikely that would sway many of the Latino population toward the Republican side. More importantly, it’s just not right to do besides being bad policy. Rather than compromise our principles, it is far better to stand for what we believe and do a much better job of communicating why those principles are the right thing to do and way to think. I live amongst many Latinos and I believe that many are more interested in true conservatism than what the liberal media would like us to believe. Let’s win the Latino vote (and the Black vote) the right way just like you are doing it!

  • Ralph Gonzalez says:

    Apostle Clayver, I agree with you on our immigration issue. Amnesty is not the way to go. I’m Hispanic and a Conseevative Republican. Everyone is jumping on board a freight train without purpose. We should realize that the immigration is not just Hispanics coming across, what about those with ill intent coming across the borders to harm us. Here’s the guts of it all, 1) Close all borders, 2) those illegal immigrants serving time do not release them as Obama has done, 3) elementary the criminal element of all illegal immigrants , 4) do not offer Amnesty, 5) we know that some want to become citizens and some don’t, give them a choice if they don’t want to be citizens then maybe we need to terminate they”re resident card. There are some simple solutions but no one wants to talk about them including the President. It’s all about what’s in it for them. It’s not about what’s best for our country.

  • Kenneth Kopplow says:

    Politics over leadership, pandering over ideals, is the recipe for a bitter meal. I just pray, we can serve them their own big portion next election season. Until then, I`ll be making myself
    a squeaky wheel with phone calls and emails. Thanks for all you do Apostle Claver, and GOD Bless you.

  • Bobby says:

    Solve the problem
    1. It is the Feds job.
    2.The Feds are responsible for knowing what guests are in our county and why they came.
    3.Just because you are in this country does not give you the right to vote.
    4.If you came here without signing in you should never have the right to vote or become a US citizen unless you return to your country of origin (CO) and following the proper procedure. (You cannot have dual citizenship.)
    5.You have a God given right to work and try your best to feed and protect your family and any American would do the same thing if the tables were turned but if you came here illegally and would like to work you could get a work visa from any State police department after finger prints and signing in for proper ID as a visitor in our country. No social services should be given out unless a proper visitor ID is shown.
    6.Illegal Immigrates are using our social services other than emergency medical organizations and Americans are irritated because they feel Immigrates are not paying for them. Well then change the tax system to a sales tax only for Federal and State taxes, and then everyone pays. Schools and all government agencies would be funded by sales tax.
    The elected officials we have in office will never try to fix the problems or follow the Constitution it would weak their powers by not dividing the people.

  • Trevor says:

    Amen, Apostle Claver!
    We need coherent conservative narratives about the inherent empowerment of the American culture: constitutionally limited government, free market enterprise and family values. These should connect with all Americans, regardless of ethnicity.

    Illegal immigration undermines all of those narratives. I hope your next composition emphasizes sealing the border and strict enforcement of employer compliance as essential prerequisites for any immigration reform.

    I think/hope you’re wrong about the homosexual portion of the electorate.

  • PilotX says:

    Don, you guys have a long way to go to convince us that we need to vote Republican. The GOP is way too cozy with racists and full of bad policies. Sure we have conservative values and liberal values, just like everyone else, but the toxic mix of xenophobia and knownothingism keep many of us at least a mile away. Work on yourselves and keep the extreme ignorance out of your party and then we can consider voting with you. For example, stop supposting confederate history month everytime you get elected to a governorship and flying the confederate flag over every statehouse in which you have majority status. Start there and then maybe we can talk.

  • Lilly p says:

    Pilot x, are you racist? What issue do you have against confederate history month? Are you still buying the dem crapola that the civil war was about slavery? That was a side bar!! Read an unbiased historical document on the civil war causes and you will find out it was the big greedy north wanting to get their hands on the South’s money, land, etc. the north was more racist against Black people and many sent them back to the south when they found those who escaped. As part of the dems agenda you will never read about that in school, so go find the truth. Get the HUGE chip off your shoulder, realize America is comprised of MANY nationalities, and move forward. If you don’t do this, your demonic oppression will continue to pull you downwards, filling you with even more hate.

  • Lilly p says:

    Btw pilot x, we know you will never learn truth so we don’t really want you in our party!! You want to infiltrate like some of the Rinos we have and we do not need you.

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