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Apostle Claver: Why BHO Came To Texas

Submitted by on May 28, 2011 – 2:11 pm6 Comments

Back on May 10th, President Obama made a trip to El Paso, Texas to emphasize immigration reform. As Texans, we would prefer to place emphasis on the thousands of illegal immigrants that flood into our state and the enormous amount of capital and human resources that will be required to get a handle on the situation. We would like to see our border to the south secured and a robust deportation initiative executed.

But, that is not what the President had on his agenda.

Why would he come to Texas, only steps from the border, and basically champion immigration reform and amnesty? It’s all about winning elections. It’s all about turning Texas “blue”. It’s all about controlling the major population states and thus controlling the Executive Branch of the federal government for election cycles to come.

Texas is becoming an even more powerful force in the electoral college. For 2012 the electoral count for Texas will increase +4 to 38 electoral college votes – surpassed only by California. Texas, by far, is the largest “red” state in the Union. However, this “red” state is increasingly becoming “blue”. With the prospect of Team Obama losing Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio and potentially Florida (with BHO’s idiotic suggestion about the 1967 borders of Israel), Team BHO has to make up those electoral college votes somewhere. Their target? Texas!

Texas saw something remarkable in 2010. The GOP attained a super-majority in the Texas House of Representatives. Yet, this victory was attained with an enormous drop in voter turnout from 2008 – especially in the Texas Big 6 of Harris Country metro, Dallas County metro, Bexar County metro, Tarrant County metro, Travis County metro, El Paso County metro and the Rio Grande Valley. Despite the huge drop in turnout, the only county of the Texas Big Six that Rick Perry won was Tarrant, and Tarrant had a nearly 30% drop in voter turnout versus 2008. Usually, when turnout is poor the GOP has a better chance to win. Yet, the Governor lost them all but one.

The drop off in voter turnout in the metro areas allowed the enthusiasm in the rural areas to win out.

Now comes BHO to Texas in 2011 – boldly in the face of the GOP super majority, into the backyard of the Governor, and pimps away with $2,000,000 for his campaign coffers. Again the question is why?

In an article posted on his website on May 5th, Karl Rove mentions that the Obama team and the Dems are flatly making a play for Texas. Those of us in Texas have been aware of this for quite some time. The Dems “Turn Texas Blue Campaign” is some secret operation but out in the view of the public and electorate.

The reason the Dems believe they can win Texas can be summed up in one simple word. Demographics!

Texas is no longer a majority-white state. Whites only make up about 46% of the state’s population. Hispanics comprise about 37% of the state’s population with blacks totaling 12%. This demographic composition is scary when you think about the fact that the demographics of Texas are pretty much identical to the racial composition of California. I believe we all know what kind of shape Cali is in? More importantly, Cali is “deep blue” and the Dems believe that working diligently, cycle after cycle, the end result will be the same…a deep blue Texas.

It doesn’t help that Gov. Perry does most of his recruiting for companies and jobs to relocate to Texas from Silicon Valley – he’s bringing San Francisco liberals into the state. But I digress. That’s for another commentary.

So, here’s the political play.

Both the GOP and the Dems feel they don’t have to make a play for the black vote. The Dems have the black vote firmly locked up on the plantation – they have to spend extremely little capital to have them show up in waves. They spend that minuscule amount of capital primarily on GOTV because the Dems know that when blacks show up to the polls they overwhelmingly (like sheep to the slaughter) support the Democratic Party ticket. It wouldn’t matter if an actual jackass (the Democratic Party mascot) was on the ballot, they would still vote 90% Democrat.

The cowardice and foolish Republican Party “leadership” have literally ceded the black vote to the Democrats. They refuse to make any investments in a precinct that is majority African American. This has led to Dallas County not having a single Republican in countywide office. What they don’t understand is that the political power of the state actually resides in the hands of the African American electorate, e.g. south Dallas. Most all of the GOP “leadership” should to be replaced.

Thus, in the minds of The GOP Establishment and the Democratic Party Socialist, ground zero within the electorate becomes the Hispanic vote and Independents. The Hispanic vote is split roughly 65-35 Democrat – although they only make up 20% of the electorate in Texas and about 9% nationally. Therefore, the gurus on the mountaintop think the logical plan should be… snatch as much of the Hispanic vote as possible.

This plan of action leads to shameful pandering and patronizing that results in RINOs writing amnesty legislation (think John McCain, or for those in Texas, Rep. Paul Workman and Norm Adams) or, the Harris County GOP giving out bicycles and turkeys to Hispanic elementary school students. This thinking is what edifies BHO and spurs him to come to El Paso, Texas, laugh at us, and walk out with $2,000,000 that his campaign will put right back into Texas to turn it “blue”.

Meanwhile, back in the land of sanity and courage…

While the status quo of both parties scrap and spit over the Hispanic vote, RagingElephants.org will “hit them where they ain’t” and guerilla attack where they least expect it and where they think they are safe – the conservative black community!



  • Slow POKEY says:

    As usual Apostle your right on again. The Republican leadership doesn’t seem to have a clue. If our leadership could take a page out of Raging Elephants play book we might have a fighting chance here in this crucial battle ground state.

  • Kris M Allfrey says:

    Your point is well made. The GOP has overlooked the one group of Americans that can put the GOP back on top and that is the African American voter. We need to become a party of inclusion not exclusion. As a caucasion American business owner it is assumed that I am a GOP supporter why is that not the same for African American business owners that want and need the smae things as me. Keep up the good fight and let’s bring are party together!

  • Paul Vasquez says:

    My comment to you, as a Mexican American, I too am baffled at how the Republicans do little to court our vote. Court our vote, I mean, to explain to them how we share similar values. Mexicans don’t come here legally or illegally for a free ride as many think. Nor do I believe an African American is born desiring a free ride. The idea of a free ride on the backs of the wealthy is in all actuality, slavery to a new plantation owner. A different kind of slavery, but slavery nonetheless. How can we help them, The Republican leadership, open their eyes? How can we also help our brothers and sisters open theirs?

  • Valerie says:

    That’s why I would like to see Herman Cain at the head of the GOP ticket. I think it would confuse the black voting block.

  • kathi says:

    One would think that the King street Patriots and their efforts to have a “CLEAN” election caused for the downturn in voter turn outs in the major cities. Support of orginazations such as King Street Patriots and now the soon to be enacted Voter ID law, maybe the dems play for texas can stop right here and right now. After all we do know that with out cheating, stealing, and lying about actual votes cast the dems will start out with one foot in the grave. Hopefully Texas will make that two feet in the grave when it comes to the election of 2012.

  • ebonycapamerica says:

    I would tend to think as “honest” americans we could finally “truly” addresss the crux of the whole immigration problem..i contend that NEVER has even “one” illegal “taken one single job from any american (black /white) ..there was an AMERICAN BUSINESSMAN who GAVE THAT JOB TO THE ILLEGAL ! I understand that the core substance of REAGANOMICS demand that all privilege be granted to the “jobs creators” first and foremost..and it is just these same jobs creators who in the interest of “good business” have shipped american jobs overseas(could it be the greator profit margin perhaps ? )..and created the FEEDING FRENZY for jobs here that illegals flock here for all day long..get real stop blaming the illegal, if the word got around in Mexico or whatever country any particular immigrant came from , that AMERICAN BUSINESSMEN have STOPPED COMPLETELY HIRING ILLEGALS …GUESS WHAT THE RESULT WOULD BE….NO ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION THAT IS WHAT ..IT IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE IS IT WHEN WE GET REAL WITH IT !

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