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150 more years and mission accomplished. And the Left has the wicked, demonic nerve to call the GOP and the Tea Party racist? THIS is the spirit of the Democratic Party, from its inception until …

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Betrayal: The Mind of RINO Plutocrats in Texas

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Steve MostynOver the last couple of weeks we informed the supporters of RagingElephants.org about the disturbing support given to State Rep. Carol Alvarado in the special election for Texas Senate District 6.  It came to our attention that State Senator Larry Taylor (and, apparently other elected Republicans) was actually pounding the pavement for the socialist Democrat that eventually was trounced by the equally left Sylvia Garcia for the senate seat. The question that surely pops up in the mind of the dedicated conservative Republican voter is, “Why would an elected official that postures as a conservative, committed to the party platform, do such a foolish thing?”

We’ve heard the reasoning from multiple sources, and we wanted to share the intel.

The reasoning is rooted in utter plutocratic adherence. The former Harris County Commissioner, Sylvia Garcia, was receiving heavy financial backing from the wealthy, socialist lawyer and Soros-in-Texas equivalent, Steve Mostyn.  Thus, the GOP powers in Austin decided that they wanted to oppose Mostyn’s candidate. They made a concerted effort to round up support from both chambers of the Texas legislature to support their legislative colleague Alvarado.  Mostyn had picked sides, so the GOP Establishment was obligated to take the opposite side.

As you can observe, the RINOs didn’t have a care in the world about principles or policy positions.  Their entire motivation was to stop Mostyn.

It didn’t matter that Alvarado is pro abortion, pro same-sex marriage, pro amnesty and open borders, socialist, campaigned on the raiding of the Rainy Day Fund for expansion of welfare programs, is against fiscal prudence, and cutting administrative fat from state education. All that Larry Taylor and the Austin GOP plutocrats were concerned with was stopping Mostyn.

Question: In the event Alvarado was victorious, is there any one of us that buys that she would have flipped her Leftist positions?  In a sudden rush of gratitude, would she have miraculously become a supporter of conservative measures?  In a fit of sanity, would she have switched political parties?  Nah…

Personal Animus?:  Here’s an article from 2010 that outlines a brief history of Taylor v. Mostyn over Hurricane Ike insurance issues

The Backfire: Let’s say there was a special election in a deep red district.  Two Republicans are battling for the seat.  The voters of the district are made aware that one of the GOP candidates is receiving heavy financial backing and in-kind donations from known Democratic operatives, financiers, and officeholders.  Wouldn’t the natural response from conservative GOP voters be against the candidate that is getting the help from the Leftists?  Wouldn’t they naturally question the authenticity and motives of the candidate that is supported by the Leftists?  Would they vote for the candidate that is endorsed by the Leftist? Nah…  And the Democratic voters of SD6 predictably rejected the notions and operations of the GOP plutocrats.

You must understand that in a plutocracy principles literally don’t matter.  The SD6 special election was all about a collection of deep-pocketed Texans battling another deep-pocketed Texan – each camp wanting to control the Texas political-economic mechanism for their personal financial enrichment. It was bought politicians vs. bought politicians for the benefit of their plutocratic slave owners.

Each campaign spent over $1,000,000 in the special election that pays the winner $600 per month.  Connect the dots – you’re astute enough.

And, while most of you are fretting over the evil that routinely takes place in Washington, Devil City, this is the type of violation against republicanism that is perpetrated and perpetuated with ease in Austin.   Redirect your focus!

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