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150 more years and mission accomplished. And the Left has the wicked, demonic nerve to call the GOP and the Tea Party racist? THIS is the spirit of the Democratic Party, from its inception until …

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Apostle Claver: But, Would Rick Perry Even Win Texas?

Submitted by on August 15, 2011 – 11:00 am71 Comments

As I predicted all along, Gov. Rick Perry is now a candidate for President of the United States.  I predicted that he would announce shortly after his prayer service held here in Houston.  One week after the prayer service, Gov. Perry is making it official.  Honestly, didn’t we all see it coming?

So, he’s in.  I decided to write a little column to let some folks outside the Lone Star State know what some of us grassroots activists have seen in his decade as the top executive.

Issue number one? After arguing against it, he took the stimulus money.  For some of you, that’s enough to disqualify him, right now.  10th Amendment advocate?  Really?  I’m just sayin’…

Going back to 2006, Rick Perry won the gubernatorial election with 39% of the vote.  You read correctly.  39%.  His competition?  A little-known Democratic congressman, a grandmother, and a comedian.

In the 2010 primary, Gov. Perry was being seriously challenged by little-known activist and former Wharton County GOP Chair, Debra Medina.  Mrs. Medina was surpassing Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and climbing toward the Perry lead.  It was projected that Mrs. Medina was eventually going to end up in a runoff with the incumbent governor, Perry, and all bets would be off.  Then on the Glenn Beck program, she fumbled and the campaign imploded.  The implosion showed that her support was soft.  But, her overall campaign showed that when Perry’s inconsistency and unproven conservatism is exposed, he’s vulnerable.  How will that translate into a presidential campaign?

Gov. Perry has become an expert at positioning for this attempt at political promotion.  He has learned how to counter his true beliefs for the purpose of disguise in order to gain promotion.

Gov. Perry signed an executive order for mandatory (I say again, mandatory) vaccination for pre-teen girls.  Come to find out that the fuel for that order came from the lobbying power and money of Merck, the sole producer of the vaccine.

In order to counter his true colors, in the 2011 legislative session, Perry decided he needed to shore up his social positions and states that the sonogram bill – a blow against the abortion industry – was a priority issue for the Texas Congress to pass.

After the 2006 election, a huge fight in Texas commenced.  It revolved around a massive land grab to build something called the Trans Texas Corridor.  The super highway was designed to run from Mexico to Canada.  To complete the project it would call for the complete repudiation of property rights and the abuse of eminent domain laws.  Some Texas citizens threatened at town halls to protect their property through the use of firearms and violence if need be.  The Trans Texas Corridor was defeated.

To counter his true colors, for the 2011 legislative session, Perry jawboned for stronger eminent domain laws.

Gov. Perry has made a big issue out of the porous borders in Texas.  He’s placed the blame at the feet of the Obama administration.  He’s made a show of trying to “confront” Mr. Obama by handing him a letter on the tarmac of the Austin airport and offering lip service.

No one would argue that the federal government has been criminal in there lax border control policies.  But, in his 2010 campaign Gov. Perry said he would get control of the Texas border.  He hasn’t.

But what those outside of Texas should understand is that Gov. Perry signed a “Dream Act” into law.  Thus, illegal immigrants can now get in-state tuition rates for tax-payer funded grants to attend Texas state universities and colleges.  This means that if a legal American citizen, born in this country – let’s say from Oklahoma – decided to attend Texas Tech, or the Governor’s alma mater Texas A&M, that Oklahoma student would have to pay expensive out-of-state tuition rates while the illegal immigrant gets the favorable discount.

To counter his true colors, in the 2011 legislative session, he pushed for the end of “Sanctuary Cities” in Texas.

These are just a few examples of the “Slick Rick” modus operandi directed by extremely shrewd and ambitious consultants.  He has his Karl Rove(s), Dave Carney and Gordon Johnson.  Thus his perceived “conservatism” isn’t about true conviction.  It’s about political promotion.

We could forgive him for heading up Gore’s campaign a long time ago.  But in 2008 he backed Rudy.  Really, Rick?

Saints and patriots, an armadillo as POTUS is better that Barack “Insane” Obama.  And so would Rick Perry.

But before you folks outside of Texas get all giddy about Gov. Perry, I’d suggest you really study his record.  Understand that the economic strength of Texas is primarily the result of a relatively moderate legislature with a history of Republican majorities.  The governorship of Texas is one of the weakest in the country.

Before you plaster a Perry bumper sticker on your pickup because you think he’s genuinely “Tea Party” and strong on the 10th Amendment, understand that the Texas Tea Parties are divided on him.  He does not enjoy universal approval.  There are those of us that enjoy long memories and have recall beyond a few months.

Therefore, the question stands: Would Rick Perry, Mr. 39%, even win in Texas during the GOP primary?  Or, could Bachmann, Romney, Cain, Gingrich, et. al. give him such a run for his money that he’s being set up for the ultimate embarrassment?

I’m just askin’…


  • Bruce says:

    Yes, Perry would win Texas. He just did last November, and it wasn’t 39%, it was 54.97%. You did not mention that, AND it was against the popular Democrat mayor of the 4th largest city in the country. You have correctly ID’d the few mistakes Perry has made, the TTC and the mandatory shots. I would add one or two more, but compared to all the conservative stuff that has passed in 10 years, the mistakes are forgivable and no one’s perfect. I think he learned from them. Obama is making his mistakes as President. Perry has already made his.

    You misrepresent the in state tuition senario. This applies to children who are brought here usually as infants or young children (not by their own choice), go to school their whole life in Texas and graduate in Texas. And they have to meet certain criteria. “Illegal immigrants entering Texas’ higher education system are direct beneficiaries of a 1982 Supreme Court decision, Plyler vs. Doe. Parents in Tyler sued after the state began charging tuition for illegal immigrant children. The court ruled that Texas and the rest of the country must educate illegal immigrant children free of charge in public schools.”(1) So the thinking is if we have already paid for their education (I disagree with the Supreme Court ruling by the way) and they are smart enough for college, we let them PAY in state tuition. (We did not pay for the Oklahoma students public education in your example) It does not apply to just anyone who wants to walk across the bridge and go to college.

    1988 was a while back, back when Ron Paul left the Republican Party to run against George Bush as a Libertarian for President. No one holds that against Ron Paul. Perry and Paul both joined and rejoined the Republican Party after the 1988 race. Phil Gramm and Kent Hance also switched to Republican in the 80′s.

    You blame Perry for bad things in Texas but don’t want to credit him for the good saying the Gov in Texas is weak. You can’t have it both ways.

    Texas does not have a history of Republican majorities. The first time since Reconstruction that Republicans got control of the House was 2002 and the Senate was in 2004. In 2008, Republicans only had a one seat majority in the House and the Democrats picked the Speaker with the help of a few Republicans.

    It is YOU that uses “slick” sentences saying, “To counter his true colors”. That is your commentary not fact.

    Perry on Sanctuary Cities http://youtu.be/IM0l-SCgt8A

    Texas spends $80 million a year on border security. To spend more without a tax increase would require probably a cut in education which non of us want. Until Obama is defeated, the Feds are not going to protect the border.

    What about those comments in Ron Paul’s newsletter years ago…wow, nobody brings that up.

    Stop with the innuendo and manipulation of the truth. You are better than that. Don’t become like the drive by media. I expect better from you.


  • Ray Hause says:

    It would be my suggestion Mr Claver U read the info on the site shown. Then use some judgement as to whether U might want to rewrite ur story line. You’re posting on conservative sites but ur comments makes me wonder in not a DNC plant or living under the influence of the 3rd or 4th ward there in Houston. Would understand if Shela Jackson Lee made the comments.

  • Ray Hause says:

    Mr Claver, the site I was referring to is:
    Actually this site is for anyone who has been reading similiar postings or tv comments.

  • Max Wilson says:

    Mr. Claver this is a poorly written opinion paper. Like Arne Duncan you have no idea what you are talking about. If I were to grade your paper I would give you an “F”.

  • Stuart Ellard says:

    Mr. Claver,
    I appreciate your willingness to expose “Slick Rick”. But I’m scratching my head that you don’t seem to support, and didn’t even mention Ron Paul’s name.
    To me… its seems like you are party to the same GOP/Media conspiracy to blackball the US Constitution’s greatest champion.
    Yes, Rick Perry is the worst snake in the grass running. However, I don’t trust any of the other establishment candidates either.
    I know the GOP & media aren’t going to allow Ron Paul to go all the way. They’ve tried their darndest to marginalize him, but he’s only gotten stronger. His issues are awesome, and now candidates like Perry and Bachmann are trying to steal his issues. (audit the Federal Reserve)
    If you don’t see Ron Paul as a true patriot, and someone truly deserving to be mentioned and heard (if not supported), I don’t have time for your newsletter.
    I already know what you are preaching. Its good stuff, but your omission of Ron Paul offends me. He’s the BEST Texas has to offer.
    And you are part of the conspiracy to marginalize him, that I am fighting against.

    Stuart Ellard

  • As a “VERY LONG TIME” Conservative, under the Republican Label, and NOT Being a “DYED IN THE WOOL” TEXAN, (However, I DO respect this STATE), I have LOOKED for That REAQL TRUE CONSERVATIVE that DRESSES LIKE ,,GOV. RICK PERRY, and So Far (in SIX Years), I have NOT FOUND THAT MAN !



    ANY JOINERS ? ? ?


    Robert Chatham

  • DaveKC says:

    Mr. Claver,

    Thank you very much for your timely and informative insight for those of us outside of Texas regarding some of the background of Mr. Perry. I have heard whisperings of his background that have gave me pause….and while I will definitely support and vigorously aid in his election if he is the nominee, I will hope for a more ‘real’ conservative to win the nomination.

    I have had the good fortune to hear you speak twice here in Kansas City and am delighted and grateful for the outstanding passion you bring to the fight for our nation.

    Warmest Regards from the Show Me state of Missouri!

  • Blackwater says:

    I’m a lifelong Texan and a Reagan/Palin Conservative. No WAY would I vote for Perry, and when it comes down to Palin vs Perry in the Texas primary, it will be Sarah Palin all the way.

    A lot of people are smearing Perry right now, and the left wing media is doing what it does. I’m not for that.

    All people have to do is look at Perry’s record. His actual record, and there is no way anyone would vote for him. At least not if they want something a lot better than Obama.

  • Rob Drury says:

    John, above, hits on the essence of the problem. We are simply unlikely to have a strong conservative in the race for a myriad of reasons; first because the media will quite successfully portray such an individual as a dangerous, polarizing radical. Second, strong, true conservative leaders rarely enter the political arena. They spend their time doing what productive people do; they produce. Consequently, elections in this country are generally comprised members of the Democrats’ A-team versus the Republicans’ B or C teams.

  • shawn davis says:

    speaking as a black man im very dissapointed to see you saying that your fellow black people are to stupid to know who we are voting for,you are a disgace and an opportunist!the people you support are not the party of years ago and you know that!but go ahead whore yourself out to those who would have our innercity kids going to inferior schools,have our black men treated badly in the work place and most of all make negative comments about black people.young man you should be ashamed for being more concerned about your own fame than you care about your own people.there are a few out there like you and cain is one of them!but hope you find the success you are looking for beacause you cant come back home!!!

  • Gabriel Nuñez says:

    Brother Apostle Claver – to call out the the Democrat Party racist is DIRTY POLITICS. After the Civil Rights Bill of 1964 was passed – Southern Racist Democrats switched parties to the Republican Party!!! Squarely candidate richard Nixon used lee Atwater’s SOUTHERN STRATEGY to win the presidency in 1968. In every election since the Republican party has used this RACIST STRATEGY. Karl Rove is an expert at the RACIST STRATEGY! The TEA Party is predominantly comprised of extremely Racist people – they are no longer hiding under white sheets. Brother Apostle Claver why are you ignoring history after 1964? Why are you enabling these Racists? The racist Koch Brother Billionaires created the Tea Party. Brother Apostle Claver you are hurting all people of color by acting as a cover for these racists. How much are they paying you to hurt the better interests of own People?

  • kundo Aborak says:

    The Republican Party is one hugh LIE, a BIG JOKE! Jesus healed the sick and provided for the poor, I believe he would support the Obama Healthcare Plan, pulling the troops out of Iraq, taxing the rich, protecting the middle class, etc. When your party is against all that Jesus stood for you end up with a bunch of unelectable garb!

  • Meg says:

    Herman Cain is the best candidate.

  • Lewis Kincade says:

    I have read the responses to the opinion piece, which I also though was limp. An example: “We could forgive him for heading up Gore’s campaign a long time ago. But in 2008 he backed Rudy. Really, Rick?”

    No context by you of Texas politics in the 1980s-90s when democrats in Texas were conservative democrats, financially and moderate socially. Go look it up. Mr Claver, you can do better, I hope.

    But reading on, it is obvious in the responses to the article that this particular group of Republicans running for President of the United States are an unimpressive group, even to conservatives, which I am not.
    President Obama is blessed by his competition, and that includes the Congressional Republicans, who are their own brand of out there. Nine percent approval? Really?

    A tough economy, no doubt, and the race will be close. The President’s upfront argument should be that “I want legislation that will get people back to work and save jobs (cops, teachers, firemen}…the same legislation that these SAME republican members have previously voted for.” Hypocrisy, maybe? Nine percent approval? I am cheering for the tea party to dominate. They will attempt to destroy the Republican Party.

    His subtle argument should be “when I am performing my mission as commander-in-chief..in foreign affairs..where Congress has not been as nimble to block my decisions…I have COMPLETED THE MISSION…”

  • C’mon gentlemen, let’s stop with the distorted lies on history …you never heard of THE SOUTHERN STRATEGY ? This was the point in time when the REPUBLICAN PARTY embraced Strom Thurmon and his Dixiecrats after they had LEFT THE DEMOCRAT PARTY when they failed to take it over with their segregationist agenda . This is documented history not perverted truths ! This SOUTHERN STRATEGY was degigned to OPPOSE THE EMERGING CIVIL -RIGHTS LAWS nationally “not” to SUPPORT THEM ! Thurmon and his DIXIECRATS (racist southern democrats who had opposed Johnson in signing the civil-rights bill at the time )succeeded in “taking over the REPUBLICAN PARTY (not the democrat party) that history Black Republicans champion was WAY before the CIVIL-RIGHTS ERA …..and is completely irrelevant to todays REPUBLICAN PARTY that just for some reason cannopt get over BARRACK OBAMA (wonder why “really” ) As what should be a final nail in the coffin of lies Ken Mehlmen one year before he was replaced by Michael Steele as chairman of the Grand-ole-Party appeared before the NAACP NATIONAL CONVENTION and did what i thought at the time was a noble gesture..he APOLOGIZED TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY (quote) for the REPUBLICAN PARTYS USE OF THE SOUTHERN STRATEGY (he said the phrase) and explained it was DESIGNED to OPPOSE CIVIL RIGHTS “not” SUPPORT THEM ..If the Republican party has seen the error of it’s ways, and is seeking a new age of race relations hooray to the Republican party ..but STOP LYING ON HISTORY SOME OF US ACTUALLY PAY ATTENTION !

  • ebonycapamerica says:

    I am posting this after the revelations of Herman Cain and his corporate trists…yesterday, the Cain camp demanded an apology from the Perry camp claiming it was Perrys people who leeked the story about the sexual harassment to the press..what is interesting is to watch the “snakes-in-a-bag” antics of the right as this unfolds…the darlings of Apostle Claver ..Cain and Perry are after each other with all the vinegar they had been serving up to the President( i love it by the way, nothing warms my heart like seeing two mean-spirited” people attacking each other for a change )..where are the post defending Cain or ala Limbaugh attacking the “liberals” for some pretended racist assault on Cain ?

  • Robert says:

    I find everything that you ranted on national tv twice to be nothing but revisionist dribble. It was written for the uneducated. You so called
    apostle is why religion has such a bad rap. it is clear that all you stand for is money.
    Everything you said was a distortion excpt abortion. All of the groups that you laid at the
    foot of the Democratic, kkk etc started with the southern white trash and then they all went to your beloved republican racist and bigots. Any family member of mine that went to your church or that subscribed to your CRAP Would be sent packing to some place that they would be put out of their misery. YOU ARE A CHARLATAN.

  • Pete DeRosa says:

    Yea and democrats kill babies – what would Jesus say about that? – mmm.

    I can provide more support at my own local church or shelter on my own freewill to give to people I KNOW need help and they get 100% of my money. You want me to give it to the government who squanders 90% of it and gives it to people who dont need it. Which way would Jesus rather do it – mmmm?

  • Mark H. says:

    I don’t even know how to say what i really want to say. If i was not a Born Again believer there is no telling what i would say in my flesh but I know i cannot say what my flesh wants to say. I tell you what who made this guy an Apostle are you kidding me with his cute little earring in his ear LOL!!!! That is so weak man little dangling earring in his left ear. True Christianity is not the type of language and malicious speech that i heard you sounded more like an angry member of the Black Muslim Movement. You think African Americans do not know their history we know the history of Republican Party during Lincoln’s time and some 100 plus years after and the Democratic party during that same time but we also understand the political shift that took place during that time as well and you are not going to influence the larger portion of our Black Community to follow you and your Uncle Tom ways we know what kind of you are not a brother you are worse then a racist speaking from an ethnic point of view man i see you phony behind from a long way off when i seen you on MSNBC I was embarrassed to know you were an African American Black whatever you call yourself. One thing for sure you don’t know your Bible Martin Basheer ate your behind up with Proverbs and the BE-Attitudes in Matthews gospel LOL!!!! YOU AIN’T NO APOSTLE OR A CHRISTIAN PREACHER PLEASE STOP CLAIMING YOU ARE ONE. YOU ARE MORE OF A CHARACTER!!!!

  • Lewis says:

    While this man screams that democrats are racists and points to the kkk and other racist groups as proof, he fails to include the fact that these racists were conservatives. Those conservative democrats moved to the republican party with the Reagan revolution and they rule the party he is defending today. Conservatives are the racists regardless of what political party they belong to now or in the past. Conservatives started the civil war and have opposed civil rights for minorities. Scream all you want Apostle, the facts are on the progressive side.CONSERVATIVES ARE RACISTS!!!!!!!!!!

  • James says:

    Regarding comments from Bruce about Perry’s recent win again as governor “it was against the popular Democrat mayor of the 4th largest city in the country.”

    Bill White may have been a popular Democrat in Houston, even though he added to the city’s debt by the 100% guarantee of public (city) employee pension funds–see the Baker Institute For Public Policy paper (Rice University)on Houston employee pension funds–other Texas voters outside of Houston knew little about White.

    Those of us in Houston knew that we couldn’t wait to get White out of office before he would bankrupt the city with additional debt from those guaranteed union pension funds. So it wasn’t much of a decision between re-election of Perry versus White getting his face in the trough in Austin.

    As for Bruce’s other comments, “Perry has learned from his mistakes,” I find it hard to believe that after he almost was successful at cramming the Trans Texas Corridor down landowners throats. He has done some good things for the state, but given a choice of other Republican candidates for president, Perry will never be my first choice to challenge Obama in 2012. He has lost too much of my trust to support him.

    I worked the re-elect Perry for Governor phone banks in Fort Bend County for weeks because I feared even the slightest possiblity that White might get some votes state wide. Every registered Republican voter I called told me they were voting for Perry “while holding their nose” because there wasn’t any other reasonable option for the governor office.

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