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February 3, 2013 – 2:36 pm | 15 Comments

150 more years and mission accomplished. And the Left has the wicked, demonic nerve to call the GOP and the Tea Party racist? THIS is the spirit of the Democratic Party, from its inception until …

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Democrats: Racist to the Core

Submitted by on February 3, 2013 – 2:36 pm15 Comments

QUOTES LBJ Facebook150 more years and mission accomplished. And the Left has the wicked, demonic nerve to call the GOP and the Tea Party racist? THIS is the spirit of the Democratic Party, from its inception until this very day. THIS was the motivation of a Democratic president – a member of the Democrat Pantheon. If none other (and there are plenty of others) this one quote reveals the core of a twisted political party and ideology.  The cynicism of the Democratic party must be shared with as many American citizens as possible.  It wasn’t about “We shall overcome.” It was about “We’re going to politically enslave you.”

It is the Lord, Himself, that informs us that the truth that you know will set you free.  And the African-American community is sorely in need of the truth and emancipation.  How can we share THIS truth with them?

We wish we could make this into a nice little BILLBOARD and plop it right in the middle of the black community. Hmmm… Your thoughts, please?



  • Adella warren says:

    I think you should make it a billboard. More people (black and white) need to be exposed to the hypocrisy of the left and their agenda to enslave ALL minorities and eventually every American citizen!

  • William Gibbs says:

    Well since telling the truth on Face Book is considered “racist and hateful” then maybe something like a bill is needed in order to open the eyes of those who will not see.

  • critten says:

    I think most people realize that the Southern Democrats of the 50′s and 60′s are all Republicans today, anyone with an actual history book, any way. You people need to like take a high school history class or Google “Nixon’s Southern Strategy” and find out what really happened.

  • critten says:

    Funny how this site complains about Facebook’s censorship when all posts are “comments awaiting moderation”, I doubt I will see anything I posted actually appear here.

  • Jose Sanchez says:

    I agree with Critten. The racist card can not be played when both sides were racist at some given point in time. You need a new platform.

  • PilotX says:

    I agree with Critten. You really think a racist party would have elected a blah president? If the Dems are so racist why is it in 2013 the GOP has ONE elected official in the entire congress and is over 90% white? C’mon man, if you want to attract more people of color to your party/organization you need to step up your game. 1. Dr. King was not a Republican and said so himself, to continue this lie is insulting. 2. The wuote you had was over 50 years ago and you did not include the quote that LBJ said the Dems would lose the southern white vote for a generation by signing the CRA, which happened. 3. How about a major GOP presidential candidate who said his job was not to make “blah” peoples’ lives easier. That was last year not in 1964!

  • PilotX says:

    And which party is hell bent on resurrecting confederate history month when they win elections? Hint, it ain’t the Dems.

  • Mister D says:

    Calling the Democratic Party racist is not about the first black president, it is about the culture of dependance on government assistance and buying votes which is an old Democrat tradition (at least70 years). This is why they win…medicare, medicaid,food stamps, welfare checques, section 8 housing,earned income credit and on and on and on…These things make the democrats believe the black american vote is in there back pocket at all times(throwing crums at us so we don’t demand something better). The Democrats could not win on principals and values so they switched to vote buying with social welfare programs: in other words we care more than those guys over there! Here are some crums as proof!

  • PilotX says:

    Sorry Mr. D but that is a racist response. I do not know ONE person who votes Democrat to get ANYTHING from the government. There is a long and detailed historic reason why many of us don’t vote Republican, your post being the obvious we don’t like being among racists. My family and friends are well educated and successful blah people who have never been on welfare or want from anyone. We work hard, educate our kids and pay taxes just like anyone else. Do you even know any Black people? If so instead of assuming we vote to get stuff why not ask us and have a conversation about politics. And you guys have to wonder why we don’t vote for you. And putting up another billboard with the lie Dr. King was a Republican probably won’t do much to sway any of us. Ha!

    BTW, what was I supposed to get from the president? I’m still waiting for my free stuff.

  • PilotX says:

    Also Mr. D, how many Republicans in rural areas and in the south are on public assistance? Isn’t that a culture of dependence? Neither party has a monopoly on hard work or dependence. That is lazy thinking.

  • Mister D says:

    Pilot X,

    You are lazy and have a limited vocabulary…that you would call me personally racist when you know nothing about me. Have you not heard of the Obama Phone? Just because you don’t know them personally doesn’t mean they don’t exist. You have never heard a woman say, “I don’t have to worry about my mortgage anymore” because Obama was elected in ’08? Go to Youtube and check it out. I AM BLACK,my Wife is black and a Decocrat…You’ve never heard of the Obama Phone Lady? She said “we have to keep Obama in there because he gave us a phone”. I wasn’t refering to black people only I was talking about all poor people in this country.
    You said you don’t work? Who asked you for that matter? You assume somebody you never meet assumes you don’t work WTF?
    And I dont care about that Dr King is a replican argument that is not important and has nothing to do with what I said.

  • Bruce Frank says:

    Contrary to what many have posted here, the Republicans have not turned into the Democrats of the ’50s and ’60s. The Republicans did not embrace the racist cored Democrat ideas, the people in the South began to understand that the Democrats were those with the Plantation mentality.

  • Greg says:

    PilotX states: “You really think a racist party would have elected a blah [black] president?”

    Ah, now we’re getting to it. Your assumption, sir, is that only white people are racist. Which is one of the most racist assumptions out there, and is a major tenent in the DNC plank. It does not matter what race (or gender) the president is. Rather, what is racist are the MOTIVES for electing that particular person. And quite frankly, the DNC moved Obama up the candidate list (and a strong case can be made that it did so side-stepping Constitutional law/vetting) BECAUSE of his race.

    Why is NOT voting for Obama necessarily “racist”? Is it racist of Democrats to NOT vote for a white man? Why does having a black candidate necessarily make you “NOT racist”?

    These attitudes based on nothing more than assumptions and brainwashing are racist. Unfortunately, they are also pervasive, which makes them seem “normal”.

  • Lilly p says:

    Of course the democratic goofs attack this web site (pilot x, critten) as they scour sites with hate in their hearts trying desperately to bring down conservatives. This article encapsulates the core of the dem party- using social welfare programs to destroy America. LOOK around you!!! America is in the largest decline ever, with businesses closing left and right, the dems in the White House using the IRS to target conservatives(also their plan to use the IRS to gather even more info through obamacare), lying to Congress in investigations on Benghazi , their illegal gathering of info on the Fox journalist and AP, the crime of Fast and Furious, lying about obamacare-all facets of it, and on and on and on… It is at YOUR feet this country is in shambles because you put all these evil people in power. Btw- how’s that new insurance premium working out for you? Oh yeah– you probably take Medicaid, food stamps, all all other goodies given by the government. So–what will you do when they take them away? You know it’s ALL about power and control, don’t you? Enslavement to the democratic government- a 100 year old plan, read Hope of the Wicked. All documented. Low info voters like you are past help…..

  • jubilee says:

    I’ve heard in the 1950s and 60s, just as many blacks voted for Eisenhower as did whites
    I found out later, that although Eisenhower was president, he had an either lightskinned black or creole mother, (i couldn’t believe it) similar to President Harding
    Harding admitted his black ancestry at one time though and was picked on by it
    if you go on frenchcreoles.com, you will find it.

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