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February 3, 2013 – 2:36 pm | 15 Comments

150 more years and mission accomplished. And the Left has the wicked, demonic nerve to call the GOP and the Tea Party racist? THIS is the spirit of the Democratic Party, from its inception until …

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Firing Obama. America’s REAL Test on Race.

Submitted by on November 6, 2012 – 10:25 am18 Comments

To a great degree, the election of 2008 was a real test for the evolution of American society when it comes to the complicated condition of race in the nation.  Had a nation, with such a diabolical history on racial treatment, been sufficiently healed to actually elect a black man to the office of President of the United States?

On that November night in 2008, the answer was clearly, “yes”.  All across the nation and the planet, eyes filled with water as Barack Obama strolled to the podium in a packed Chicago park as the President-elect.  A camera close-up showed Jesse Jackson crying like a baby that was just denied a snow cone.  Juan Williams of Fox News blubbered on camera as it struck him that a black man had just been elected to the most powerful position in the universe.  It appeared to the masses that America had evolved, passed the threshold on whether it remained a “racist country”, and had finally buried the ghosts of slavery, discrimination, segregation, and lynchings passed.

Then a disturbing challenge to the new feeling of racial reconciliation arose – the first term of President Obama.

It became clear from the outset that the whores of socialism, social justice and racial politics – primarily and nearly exclusively Democrats – couldn’t leave their well-rooted habits of race baiting behind.  Although American racial history was made with the election of Obama, the old guard that stemmed from the civil rights movement couldn’t be delivered from their well-practiced modus operandi of making everything about race.  The water was poisoned early as any opposition to the President’s socialist agenda was quickly labeled as racist and summarily thwarted to a great extent.

For two full years, with complete control of the federal government, the Democratic Party went about its traditional business of degrading race relations in the country.

Opposition to Obamacare? Racist!

Opposition to TARP?  Racist!

Opposition to the automotive bailout? Racist!

Opposition to the mortgage bailout? Racist!

Opposition to the repeal of the Mexico City Policy? Racist!

Opposition to the fallout from Fast and Furious? Racist!

Opposition to the administration’s energy policy? Racist!

Opposition to the reaction to the BP oil spill? Racist!

Opposition to racking up six trillion dollars in debt? Racist!

Sever criticism for the lack of response to the Texas wildfires? Racist!

Opposition to the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell? Homophobia!

Sever criticism for refusing to defend DOMA? Homophobia!

To plead with the administration to interact with Iran, Syria, and Egypt differently? Racist!

Not to fall on our knees and worship the 44th President after the assassination of Bin Laden? Racist!

Being disturbed by the lack of job growth? Racist!

Finding fault in the slow and steady rise in fuel prices and soft commodities? Racist!

Opposition to the devaluing of the U.S. dollar? Racist!

Opposition to the strangling of small businesses and community banks via Dodd-Frank? Racist!

Being outraged that the Harry Reid-led Senate has not produced a budget since Obama took office? Racist!

Could one go on with an exhaustive list of usurpations this administration has committed? Of course. And, would not the chronicled response of the Left be the same? Of course.  All of the opposition to the usurpations stem from the innate racism that lingers in America.

But the threats of the ObamaZombies boil down to one essential truth in their warped minds:  NOT TO VOTE FOR OBAMA FOR A SECOND TERM? RACIST!

The Left and the Democratic Party are composed of the certifiably insane.

America FAILED the first test of racial evolution.  America DIDN’T hire the best person for the job by electing Mr. Obama.  They elected him with a heart conditioned through affirmative action.  “It’s the black man’s turn, this time”.  And what has been the result?  Barack Obama has done a horrific job as chief executive of the nation.

Therefore, the REAL test for America on the issue of the evolution of race relations has yet to be completed.  That evolutionary advancement may become clearer as the election returns for 2012 roll in.

Recognizing that Mr. Obama has failed at the job for which he was hired – namely leading the nation out of economic illness – can the majority white electorate, after having elected him, turn around and FIRE Obama for making things worse?

Or, will the avalanche of charges of “racism” over the past four years intimidate the electorate into voting for the under-skilled, under-prepared, under-performing first black president again because of the fear of being called “racist”?

Well, let us go ahead and FIRE Obama – regardless of the potential consequences — because that’s the REAL test of our racial evolution.  Do we as a nation acknowledge, despite someone’s skin pigmentation or office, that if the person in question has not done a good job that they need to be fired?

Let us go ahead and FIRE Obama.  Because here’s the good news: He can’t file an EEOC complaint or sue for dismissal due to racial discrimination. America hired him regardless of his race.  Now, we have the right to FIRE him, no matter the fact that he’s black.

To FIRE Obama means America has truly evolved, racially.



  • bryane says:

    I am not firing Obama because of the color of his skin. I am firing Obama because of the color of his glasses – rose-colored, specifically.

  • An excellent article. Every word is true and exact. America has moved beyond ‘racist’ the Dem’s just don’t know it. Will someone please tell them.

  • Mike Denholm says:

    A very valuable and important perspective. Thanks Apostle C.

    Longview TX

  • PilotX says:

    I disagree, the best candidate WAS elected in 2008. McCain showed flawed judgement by choosing a supremely unqualified person as VP, which I believe cost him the election. The GOP once again in 2012 chose second tier candidates so once again Barack is the most qualified of the two candidates. Of course the people will decide but if the GOP was serious they would have run their best candidates. Jeb Bush would have been exponentially better than any of the candidates the GOP put up.
    The charge against Barack as being an “affirmative action” president IS racist. He was duly elected by a majority of Americans, how the heck is that AA? And yes, there are some racists out there, funny they all exist in the Republican Party, that do oppose him simply because of his race. If this was a serious article you would have addressed the short comings of his opponents. Romney is a highly flawed candidate that should have never gotten out of the primaries, can we say weather vane or flip flopper? If this isn’t about race why did you make this entire blog about race? Seems to me the GOP still has a race problem, no wonder you guys are over 90% white. We’ll see if the overt racism displayed by yourself and the GOP will win the day but I for one hope it doesn’t. Next time maybe you can focus on the best qualities of your candidate instead of bringing up the race of the Dem, because we all know there will NEVER be a blah Republican candidate for president. Hypocrisy.

  • Rick Andrews says:

    McCain was not my choice, but when he picked Palin I was able to vote for someone. She was the most qualified of the Four. I think Obama chose Joe to make him look smart.

  • John says:

    How in the world could any black “pastor” be so self-deceived? Thank goodness your opinions are neither wise nor will they be heeded by the vast majority of black people.

  • PilotX says:

    Really Rick? You really wanted Palin? Glad you didn’t get you wish.
    Well guys looks like four more years. Was it affirmative action this time too?

  • PilotX says:

    Looks more like an electoral college landslide than affirmative action but I’ll leave that to the expert.

  • liz says:

    This president is not concerned for you or me. Obama wants power and he will do what it takes to get it.when my husband doesnt work we dont get paid therefore we dont pay taxes therefore you that are on welfare do not get your free money. Therefore the crime rate will rise there will become a disaster for everyone. In the end your heart and soul will be destroyed you will be left behind. our skin color wont matter. Obama and michele will still have steak dinners and wine they will travel to the best locations for more vacations. While you my friend will live your life hell on earth. Socialist are running this country into the ground obama is not going to cut you a bigger check he will be giving it to terriost to terrorize you he is a muslum. Ragining elephants is the bezt thing that has happened to the black community saving the unborn is critical to our destination.god bless help with the freedom works

  • Rick Andrews says:

    Really Pilotx. America went into a comma in 2008 and flatlined last night.

  • PilotX says:

    How have we flatlined? At the end of the Bush Administration we were losing 800,000 jobs per month now we’re gaining jobs. The Dow was below what was it 8,000 and now its above 12,000? Wall Street and Fortune 500 firms are recording record profits so how exactly have we flatlined? Looks to me the economic sector is doing just fine. We aren’t magically going to implode as a nation just as we weren’t going to magically prosper if R-money was elected. I know I hear this everytime a Dem is elected about how the military will suffer and we will sink into a depression but so far we’re on an upward trajectory. I just don’t see a flatline, maybe you can explain it to me. Apparently half the country thinks we’re on the right path so please, tell me how we’re wrong.

  • Rick Andrews says:

    You and I disagree about fundamentals. I believe the smaller our government the better. I would agree that Romney would not have fixed our problems but would have slowed down the disaster and perhaps given us a little more time to come up with real soultions. Stealing the GM bond-holders money and giving it to the unions reduced investors confidence and is just legally and morally wrong. The DOW appears to be doing better because of the printing of more money, thus devaluing our dollar. When we are overdrawn on your checking account 16 Trillion dollars I belive we are in serious trouble. Being in the majority may make you popular but has no effect on reality. In fact we are in this position from making popular decisions over good decisions. Even though we disagree so strongly I would bet we neither one will be right all the time.

  • PilotX says:

    The size of government means nothing to me, the effectiveness of government does. Government exists to protect and serve its citizens and provide basic services. Shrinking it when it is needed does not make sense to me.

    “Stealing the GM bond-holders money and giving it to the unions reduced investors confidence and is just legally and morally wrong.”
    I disagree, the WORKERS gave concessions to help save the comapny and thus should benefit when the company recovers instead of just management and the monied interests.

    “The DOW appears to be doing better because of the printing of more money”

    Can you prove this?

    “When we are overdrawn on your checking account 16 Trillion dollars I belive we are in serious trouble”

    There has always been debt but it only seems to be a problem when a Dem is in office. We’re in this hole because the last Republican president started two unnecessary wars and gave huge tax cuts. Without those two actions we wouldn’t be in such a financial hole. Ending the Afganistan war will help out and that’s what the president said he would do.

  • PilotX says:

    To expand on a point I don’t understand the conservative argument of smaller government. Like I stated previously I don’t care about the size I care about its effectiveness. I was safe food, clean water, safe infrastructure and good schools. If it takes 45,000 employees and a huge budget then so be it or if it can be done on the cheap with 45 employees then that’s good too. I will not sacrifice good government just to make people happy who want to shrink it. As Dr. Ruth says “size doesn’t matter, it’s how you use it”. On that I agree with the good doctor.

  • Rick Andrews says:

    the federal govt. is only there to protect our borders,which seems to be the only thing they refuse to do. I will agree both parties are responsible for the debt. states rights are of no concern and I seriously dought we will survive as the United States.

  • Rich B says:

    To: PiolotX its Very Very Obvious, You receive a check, instead of writing a check .. Less Goverment Less DEBT,Less Taxes More Paycheck FREEDOM.. Massive layoffs are coming and the Dems know it ,so don’t be shock when it happens. Remember January 3,2007 Dems were in charge of the House and Senate, So if you want proof start searching…

  • Truthteller says:

    Great article. Thankful that a black man who sees clearly and will not bow down to political correctness wrote it because if I white person wrote it, it would be dismissed, even though it’s spot on. PilotX, some have eyes to see and ears to hear, and although you make some valid points, you still don’t see clearly what the author is saying, which is unvarnished and necessary truth.

  • Ben Mboya says:

    Congratulations. Your message was so awe-inspiring that you successfully helped to reduce Obama’s support among African Americans from 95% to 93%! The reality is, even as an African American who believes in the biblical definition of marriage, I disagree that the constitution should be used to force biblical beliefs on others. I prefer to do what Jesus instructs, and that is to go forth sharing the gospel to each and everyone in a way that builds up his kingdom. Most African Americans see you and people like you for what you are: a narrow-minded right wing ideologue and not a true evangelical who is furthering the cause of Christ. I voted for Obama to be Commander in Chief of a democracy– not Bishop in Chief of a Theocracy! And frankly, I thank God that in places like PA, OH, VA and FL, African Americans and Latinos showed up in record numbers to reward President Obama for doing the best job that anyone could have done given the circumstances the nation faced in 2008!

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