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February 3, 2013 – 2:36 pm | 15 Comments

150 more years and mission accomplished. And the Left has the wicked, demonic nerve to call the GOP and the Tea Party racist? THIS is the spirit of the Democratic Party, from its inception until …

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MLK was a Republican


  • Rich Carter says:

    Just heard you on the John Gibson Show.
    I think your message and your spirit are just what our country needs at this time in history.
    We can put this country back on track to be the republic Our founders intended it to be.
    A good house (and senate) cleaning has been coming for some time and if nature holds true that time will come again and again in the future simply because mans ways are inherently self destuctive.
    If we were angels we would not need a government.
    Perhaps with each cleaning though we can prolong the length of time in between cleanings.
    Keep up the great work

  • Steve K says:

    RE Sarah’s Comments: ‘Apostle’ Claver is no more self-appointed than MLK or any other leader…all leaders are ‘titled’ in some form or fashion regardless of the ‘naming convention’…but the title is only a title descriptive of their actions/their cause. Leaders are defined by their actions, apostles by their boldness to stand for and spread truth…and truth is what stirs the enemy to action in desperation…especially crying ‘foul’ when they don’t like the message and leveraging weak minded/weak spirited people to quash the truth…i.e. the billboard company. If anyone is a self appointed ‘Leader for justice’ (but a leader nonetheless unfortunately), it’s people like Quannel X who stand against the truth and are oriented towards their own cause and benefit to the detriment of those they claim to represent and those they supposedly ‘stand against’ for those they claim to represent. Both ‘sides’ lose…and the only beneficiary is the middle ‘man’…Quannel and others like him. Apostle Claver…Elder Claver, Disciple Claver, Republican Claver, Conservative Claver, Preacher Claver…doesn’t matter…he speaks truth and the truth is what will stand…even if attacked. This ’cause’ didn’t fall flat…it was a huge success…any more than Christs message fell flat because he was hung on a cross and killed by ignorant ungodly and self-serving cowards. It doesn’t matter what you believe…it matters what the truth is. Regardless of whether you believe MLK was a republican or not, the simple facts are that the Democrat party as it existed then stood against everything MLK stood FOR…while the Republican Party as a whole stood with him. I’m neither Republican nor Democrat … I’m a Christian first … and I support any person or organization Christian values. Despite inevitable faults of the people involved in the Republican party, I believe it to be a party with a solid ‘message’ and stated principles … something to ‘shoot for’… but i won’t stand behind any organization that blatantly stands against values of personal responsibility because then there is no hope in it’s success for the country or the individual. Dr. King himself was a sinner…no saint for sure in his personal life either…no different than the rest of us. God doesn’t judge us based on our individual faults, but in his grace…ALL of us who accept Christ as our savior. But the Bible does say do not judge (the fate of others) lest you be judged (by your own judgments)…so there is a warning to be very careful in setting yourself above God and judging ‘xxx Claver’s’ fate to one of condemnation. He is gifted by God and uses his gifts to be a builder of the individual not setting himself up as anything but a messenger of truth … not the source of it … just like the apostles. He is not a destroyer … the truth is a destroyer of evil and lies which keep people from being all they can be in Christ…not ‘all they can be in government.’

  • Hairybeetle says:

    Christian first, conservative second. I’m so glad to see that we finally have a real grass-roots conservative group that is making the liberals just quiver. I will be coming back to this site often. I’ve read a few of the blogs associated with this website and one verse that stood out is: Galatians 1:10 — “Am I now trying to win approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ.”

    Kinda explains liberals in a nutshell… winning approval of men instead of God… if they believe in God.

    I’ve sent this site to quite a few of my conservative friends and hope they take a look at this stuff. The message posts on here are great too! People are right to say that the military vote was thrown out. In AF Times newspaper, over 75% was going to vote for Pres. Bush. 75%!! It makes me angry that liberals think they have all the answers when it comes to war; however, discount the military members’ work and ideas.

    Leanne is right to say that the Dems want nothing more than to keep everything the same… this will create the demand for the government to do more for the people. Why can’t we do it ourselves? Where was the requirement for health care 40 years ago? What did people do without Social Security?

    I’m so glad we have a grass-roots organization I can now identify with!

    -Hairybeetle, female, AF Active Duty (8 years), mixed white and Native American, middle class, married, with children, hardworker, Lutheran WELS

  • Abby says:


    I just heard you on Sean Hannity. I’ve been praying for someone like you to enter the political scene. KEEP IT UP! You speak for so many of us…I don’t doubt you have a very bright future. I’ll be watching and listening to hear more about you.

    A New Fan in Florida

  • keisha says:

    Re: Steve K
    Wouldn’t you just know it!!!!! Only Steve K and the conservatives would even think to have the boldness to espouse a monopoly on “TRUTH”. It’s funny have conservatives are “all knowing” about what God wants or intended. The “truth” is that men and women know about as much about God and the afterlife as a frog. The Bible has some good “common sense” rules, but it was written by men. Would you believe anything that the uneducated masses of the Middle East wrote today and tried to pass off as “Gods word”? They are even more educated today than they were 2000 years ago. Some of us put our full faith and beliefs in a two thousand year old book at the terrible expense of those who do not have a brain that is hot wired to believe in something that they cannot see. I can see believing in something that I cannot see – like the discovery of America, but I do not believe it with all of my being. I would not bet my soul on it or any other thing that I cannot see or deny others because they don’t believe it. I like this country not because of freedom of religion, but for freedom from religion. When religious people stomp on my civil rights and then run to their mistresses when the stomping is complete, I get a clear picture of their so-called faith.

  • Gary Dunkum says:

    See e-mail exchange below with Roy Davis of SignAd.com:

    Would think that your customer might get the benefit of the doubt in an argument…
    I do appreciate your taking the time to respond though.

    “Roy Davis”
    We were thinking!  With these type situations there are always two sides and we are not in business to take sides, just lease billboards without trouble.  I hang new ads everyday of the week and hundreds a year and never do we get national publicity over some controversy.  If we would of left it up,  instead you emailing complaining about it the other side whoever they are would be emailing.

    From: GDunkum@gbrecap.com [mailto:GDunkum@gbrecap.com]
    Sent: Friday, July 24, 2009 10:43 AM
    To: SignAd Info
    Subject: What were you thinking……..

    …when you took down the RagingElephants sign.

    I would really like to know…and hope to hear from you………


  • Matt Clark says:

    To those who care enough to read:
    I listened to the Apostle last night, and was amazed at the information that he gave me. I knew it in my heart, but didn’t put 2 and 2 together. We are losing this fight, and it is going to take each and every one of us to win this battle. I have invited 36 of my closest friends to Thursday’s mixer at Mo’s. That is not what I am proud of. I am proud that I have stopped 12 complete strangers, all african american males, all under 40, and all voted for Obama. I invited each and every one of them to join us Thursday, and listen. Republican is not a dirty word. Conservative is not a curse. Read the bible, vote it’s word, and see what side you wind up on. Keep fighting the good fight! Your Brother, Matt

  • Matt Clark says:

    To Sarah,
    I will buy your meal, and accept your opinion if you will do just one thing….
    Come and listen. Open your ears for one hour. If you still feel the same way, you lost one hour of your life, and got a free meal out of the deal.
    Claver, and Joe the precinct chair know how to find me.

  • Greg La Manna says:

    Two groups have a special place in my heart: 1) Messianic Jews; and 2) Conservative Blacks. Both groups have to overcome years of bigotry, pressure to conform to “the group” and be brainwashed into thinking a certain way, hatred from the very people they are a part of just because they choose to be TRUTH-SEEKERS and think for themselves instead of just swallow what they are “supposed” to think and be and act.

    Messianic Jews are Jewish people who have accepted Jesus as their Messiah. They have not “converted” to Christianity because Christianity is simply a fulfillment of Judaism. Likewise, Conservative Blacks have NOT “converted” to conservative thinking. So suggest that smacks of racism and infers that it is somehow “unnatural” for a black to be conservative. Why is it not “converting” when any other race thinks for themselves and finds themsevles equally endowed by their Creator to find truth, embrace it, and proclaim it?

    I love this site, your organization, and what you stand for. Praise the Living God!

  • Greg La Manna says:

    PS: I’m a non-Jewish, non-black Italian, middle-class married man with 2 children.

    And I am praying for this organization. It has just won my heart over. Bless you.

  • charlotte says:

    Actually, he never yielded to either party. and he was never registered in either party. MLK Sr. endorsed Kennedy, not Nixon, because Kennedy helped out MLK Jr.

  • Krystal James says:

    Wow! What an interesting issue. I couldn’t agree more with Claver and the raging elephants side regarding free speech and the billboard. How does one take down a sign, in the United States of America, that is fully paid before the term ends? And why are people so afraid of being challenged to think outside of social/political norms and stereotypes? And anyone with a view should know why they think the way that they do, why they belong to the organizations they do, and be able to defend and discuss the issues they are passionate about at any turn. Anything that spurs dialogue is positive and brings everyone to clearer understanding.

    African Americans are so much more conservative than we care to admit. We need to aknowledge that embrace some of the conservative/Christian core values to overcome issues like HIV/AIDS, criminal recidivism, and minority health disparities. I don’t think we should be beholden to any party…my heroine in politics is Shirley Chisolm- her motto: UNBOUGHT AND UNBOSSED. When we, African Americans, whether Democrat or Republican, Protestant or Jew, rich or poor, stop letting us be labeled by others and start thinking for ourselves we will surely be free. (In my opinion; no reason to label King either. He was on such a different thought plane near his death AND never claimed a political party. Neither one was advancing African American causes significantly at the time!)

    That being said, I could fill a book about all that I disagree on with Claver. And I can advance my theories in any debate, dialogue, or discussion comprehensively and with merit. His whole construct is so flawed and has so many validity deficits that it is ridiculous. But, no need to go there…it is a long life. (Sarah: you got it right with pathological egotist- you must know him).

    He should be able to leave his sign up, just as I should be able to put one up down the street that says Claver is an idiot. Both are simply opinions.

  • Linda Lutkus says:

    Dear Apostle Kamau-Imani,

    I just found you – and have totally fallen in love (as a brother in God). You are awesome. You speak the truth, you speak from your heart, and you stand on biblical pricipals.

    Thank you for what you do.

    God’s grace continue to shine his truth on you! Linda

  • janet says:

    Thank you Pastor claver for coming to crosby Church today. what a blessing.

    Janet Leatherwood

  • Tim says:


    I heard you on a late night radio interview in Rhode Island while driving to Cape Cod. I have often thought that our shared sentiment on democrats and race would have liberals construe me as a racist. You changed my thinking. As an American caucasian who cares about the prosperity of ALL Americans, I was profoundly grateful to hear you and your inspiring message. I was also motivated to speak up/out. When will you bring your messsage to New England? It needs to be heard and understood here.

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