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The 3 Objectives

 The mission statement of RagingElephants.org can be defined in three very direct objectives.

  • Make it easier for Republicans to win elections.
  • Make sure the “right” Republicans are winning elections.
  • Make sure that the “right” laws are being passed and the “wrong” laws are being defeated or repealed.

Objective #1: Make It Easier for Republicans to Win Elections

The way to make it easier for GOP candidates to win now, and in the future, is to expand the Republican voting base. We feel that the primary and vital way to achieve this is to increase the number of voters of color that are faithful Republican primary voters.

Currently, the casual political observer doesn’t find it difficult to conclude that the GOP is impotent and clueless on how to expand the voting base and achieve diversity. Therefore, RagingElephants.org dedicates its resources to developing and distributing messaging designed to appeal to the voter of color – primarily the African-American voter that is the most critical portion of the electorate that needs to be brought into the GOP fold. The common and unfortunate mistake made by national and state GOP “leaders” is that the number one targets should be Hispanic/Latino voters.

To achieve Objective #1, RagingElephants.org is willing to work with most any entity (including party officials).

Objective #2: Make Sure the “Right” Republicans Are Winning Elections

RagingElephants.org is committed to seeing that truly conservative candidates achieve victory and hold offices of public service.

We wholly reject the notion that anyone with an “R” behind their name is worthy of support. On the contrary, we are just as hard on RINOs as we are on Leftist. For innumerous reasons, the RINO is equally, if not more so, dangerous than the avowed Leftist.

RagingElephants.org finds it an offense when officeholders and candidates blatantly oppose the party platform and advocate for policies that are clearly anti-conservative. For example, there has been a surge of GOP figures that have openly advocated for same-sex “marriage”, open borders and amnesty, gun control, fiscal irresponsibility, and the increase of social programs and government largesse. It’s our view that regardless of the fact they call themselves Republican, that they should be opposed and defeated in primary elections.

Just as a reminder, if you disapprove of ObamaCare it was with the “bi-partisan” assistance of Republican senators that the measure was able to become law.

Objective #3: Make Sure the “Right” Laws are Being Passed,

And the “Wrong” Laws are Being Defeated, or Repealed

RagingElephants.org is committed to see life protected, liberty defended and extended, and opportunities for prosperity expanded. Therefore, we maintain a watchful eye on legislation that violates these codes of conservatism-libertarianism.

We firmly believe that a new era of repeal should be birthed. Federal and state statutes should endure a thorough review and analysis to determine if laws are antiquated, discriminatory, anti-freedom, endanger life, property, and prosperity, and are nothing more than an instrument to plunder the electorate.

RagingElephants.org is of the opinion that the proper amount of government is enough to merely stop anarchy and chaos, protect individual liberties and our God-given rights, and keep public order. We believe government should be virtually invisible to the populous.

Please feel to contact us if you have any questions or comments.