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Federal examiners e-mails show outrage over intervention for OneUnited

We last heard about the ethics charges lodged against Maxine Waters a few months ago, when the House Ethics Committee probe into her intervention on behalf of a bank connected to her husband stalled and two attorneys got suspended.

Amid shutdown drama, Rep. Brown invites lawmakers on a boutique shopping trip

With a government shutdown looming, Capitol Hill was a pretty serious place on Wednesday afternoon http://dailycaller.com/2011/04/07/amid-shutdown-drama-rep-brown-invites-lawmakers-on-a-boutique-shopping-trip/#ixzz1IzedzxFW

Congressional Black Caucus Struggles With Question of Race

How black should the Congressional Black Caucus be? That might seem like a strange question, but it’s one the CBC has grappled with throughout its 40-year history.


Top Dem Rep. Alcee Hastings Sued by Employee for Sexual Harassment: ‘Unwelcome Sexual Advances’ and ‘Unwelcome Touching’
Top democrat Rep. Alcee Hastings was sued today on behalf of a female employee for “unwelcome touching” and “unwelcome sexual advances.”


Democratic lawmaker: Repealing health reform is ‘killing Americans’
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas), in a speech on the House floor about the rhetoric surrounding Republicans’ bill to undo the new reform law, said repeal would result in more deaths in the U.S. Follow link for more>>

Sheila Jackson Lee: Repealing ObamaCare is unconstitutional
Via Philip Klein, I can’t decide whether she’s serious or whether this is part of the Democrats’ new kitchen-sink approach to “messaging” about ObamaCare. She might be calculating that even an argument as inane as this one is worth making in order to counter the GOP’s claims that O-Care is unconstitutional. Follow link for more.

Maxine Waters Case: New Evidence, No Smoking Gun
California Congresswoman Maxine Waters is scheduled to go on trial Monday before an ethics panel. The Democrat is accused of trying to obtain a U.S. bailout for a bank where her husband owns stock.


House Extends Alcee Hastings Travel Probe

Dems bring race issue into A.G. healthcare lawsuits

Austin Rep. Rodriguez says he was arrested for DWI

Rep. Rangel Guilty of Ethics Violation and Arrogance

Perry says the TEA checks whether undocumented students are applying for permanent residency


Tennessee’s GOP legislators get failing grades from NAACP

How Congressional Black Caucus got around McCain-Feingold


Downpayment Assistance Is Back On the Table

Campaign 2010: Alabama congressional candidates report donations over $100,000

Cummings, Lee and Lewis on the Obama’s State of the Union; Waters on Haiti

Texas Democrat Supports Repeal Of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

U.S. Rep. Green leads labor meeting

The question was simple: Should the lending practices of auto dealers be regulated?


Perry’s Political Playground
Sen. Hutchison, in the time-honored Washington tradition of spending taxpayer money that she doesn’t have, had this to say about how she plans to pay for her multi-billion dollar transportation proposal:
CBC member defends Obama against attacks – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room
Cleaver, Black lawmakers want focus in Congress to shift to jobs.

Ford Sr. Lobbies For Goldman

The Peculiar Exploits of the 111th Congress.

Swing State Project: The Future of Texas Politics: The Past

Abortion measure remains a hurdle in health care overhaul.

Congressional briefs: Black lawmakers laud health care vote.

How cashed-up Rangel $preads the love

Charlie could catch a break

Texas, are you listening? Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee admits signing letter to give free ObamaCare insurance coverage to illegal aliens.

Authorities raid Louisiana ACORN offices.

Denver archbishop: promises on abortion funding broken in health care bill

Obama losing control of House on illegal aliens in healthcare bill

House Ethics Committee to clear Rangel, other Carribbean junketeers?

Racial disparity: all active ethics  probes focus on black law makers

The main focus of the page is to allow the site visitors to learn of stance of the most liberal members of congress. Two primary goals of RagingElephants.org in enlarging the conservative voting base and the GOP is

1. Erode the traditional base of support of the Democrats.
2. Expand the base of the GOP through non-traditional voting blocks and independents.

In other words, get more Blacks and Latinos voting for the GOP.

By giving the visitor the basics of their ideology and then following up with news reports and post on their actions, the theory is that visitors will come to the conclusion that the elected officials that they have voted for and “represent” them don’t share the same values.


From this page you will get the names, district info and pictures of each member of the CBC.


You may have to click on “Meet Reps” button at top of page.

When a site visitor clicks on the name of the CBC member it should take them another page that includes

For each member you will add OpenSecrets.org so visitors can track their money sources. Go to OpenSecrets.org.

You’ll do a search under “Congress” For each member of the CBC, you’ll have to do a search to place the proper link next to their picture. For example: For Sheila Jackson-Lee, you’ll place this link next to her picture:


This link is to the primary search page for each member of congress. I can’t seem to get the link to the individual members of congress to “take”. If I want Sheila Jackson Lee, the link of that page ends up taking me to another member of congress when cut and pasted to this document. So, it looks like we have to link the visitors to the main search page of the OpenSecrets.org website. They’ll have to figure out how to do a search for each member of the CBC, I guess, unless you can come up with a better scheme.

Then the next link for each member will be to OnTheIssues.org

For example, Sheila Jackson Lee’s link would be:


Then, the only other feature at this point is to post any news stories about each office holder under another link that would read:

Sheila Jackson Lee in the News.

Visitors would click on that link and take them to a RagingElephants.org page that would post links to news stories about Sheila Jackson Lee, just as we do with the general news stories everyday.

Next, go through the same process with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. If you do it with the Congressional Progressive Caucus, you would have to omit the members of the CBC and CHC because of the overlap. You’d end up with only the Caucasians members of the Progressive Caucus.

That’s it right now for Watchdog page.