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February 3, 2013 – 2:36 pm | 15 Comments

150 more years and mission accomplished. And the Left has the wicked, demonic nerve to call the GOP and the Tea Party racist? THIS is the spirit of the Democratic Party, from its inception until …

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Apostle Claver: IRS & ObamaCare: Kill 2 Birds with 1 Stone!

Submitted by on May 29, 2013 – 3:48 pm7 Comments

Head-Shot-4_smHow devilishly ingenious that the socialists were able to link such evil entities as the Internal Revenue Service and ObamaCare (the POTUS now likes the label) inextricably.  In order for ObamaCare to be operative, the IRS has a key component to oversee.  The socialists have commenced hiring the estimated 15,000 new IRS agents for the express purpose of administering the bureau’s role in the implementation of Obamacare. All of this is happening within the fury of the IRS scandal in which multiple agents at multiple levels of the bureau are apparently purposefully targeting conservative and religious organizations. 

While the socialist march forward with the coupling of the IRS and ObamaCare, what is self-evident is that in the wake of the despicable scandal and the realization that the newest socialist, big-government scheme isn’t going to be all it was cracked up to be,  the IRS and ObamaCare are peaking in unpopularity.

Yet, leave it to the GOP leadership to let a good crisis go to waste.  Granted, there are those within the Republican Party that nest in Washington, Devil City that are discussing tax reform in a robust manner. However, their focus in regards to tax reform is tragically misguided and misplaced.

Is anyone on the GOP side being crystal clear about what they desire when it comes to tax reform? I’ve heard some speak to making the code simpler and flatter – in essence the “flat tax”.  While this could be considered a marvelous improvement over the demonic system we must now endure, it is totally the wrong prescription for the cause of liberty (and, that’s what we are all about).

With a “flat tax”, you leave open the intrusive power of the IRS – its very existence is an affront to the cause of liberty.  What “conservative” leadership should be pushing toward is the complete elimination of the Internal Revenue Service.  That’s what the grassroots desires.  Not a watered down, so-called reformed version of the corrupt and wicked system that is employed now.

Isn’t it quite evident that there is NO reforming the IRS and the current tax system? Shouldn’t there be consensus between the liberty-minded that the first plank of any solution is the utter decimation of the Internal Revenue Service and all remnants of the progressive tax code?

Abolishing the IRS and the income tax does a second righteous deed – it renders ObamaCare, as the law is currently written and the scheme is planned, nearly impossible to implement!

While the Republican-controlled House of Representatives heads for another vote to repeal ObamaCare at some point in the future – it’s inevitable since they’ve done it 3 dozen times thus far – we should be demanding that the first ballots be cast for the shutting down of the IRS and the discontinuation of the progressive income tax.  In the midst of the entire nation now being made aware of the inherit tyranny of the IRS, the corruption of the tax code, the unifying, universal hatred for the IRS, this is the time to charge forward and employ an aggressive strategy for the dismantling of the IRS, not the foolish exercise of reform. In doing so, the added domino that will fall is the dreaded and anti-liberty ObamaCare.

Liberty-minded grassroots organizations should not allow elected officers to skate by with a meaningless conversation about income tax reform.  The muscle of the organizations should be used to demand that the Internal Revenue Service (America’s Gestapo) be ground into ashes and out of existence.


  • Kathryn Rogers says:

    I agree! Abolish the IRS. Taxes are supposed to DISCOURAGE activity (for example, smoking) so WHY would we want to discourage income and business prosperity (which it seems the government IS discouraging)?

    Before the IRS was established in 1913, the US Government was able to win wars, build the country and run successfully. Except for NASA, which is not running at all well now, the government was doing everything it is doing now BETTER, without reaching into our pockets to transfer wealth! Families were intact, the American Dream was a reality for most, even education was working better!

    So why do we have the IRS? To instill fear and to BUY votes! Many of the “chicken” Republicans (as they’re not as fearsome as a rhino) are probably afraid of what the government would uncover by looking into THEIR background, tax records, or current activities. Send them a message to vote your wished or you will SEND THEM HOME!

  • Dianna Chaney says:

    You are absolutely correct, Claver. The only way to stop the misuse of power by a corrupt administration and IRS is to ABOLISH this way too powerful arm of government. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. We here in OH are working on pushing the Fair Tax. I hope that is something that you are on board with. My liberty group was one that was targeted for almost 2 years. And a friend of mine was targeted because of her involvement with True the Vote. This administration is out of control. As we knew they would be in a second term.

  • Michael Denholm says:

    Claver this is brilliant strategy. But first, any attempt at simplification always results in more complexity. That’s out. Second, a flat tax is what the current system started as. A new flat tax would be like the current system in 5 years. That’s out. The only approach that make sense for any tax system based on liberty, fairness and equality is the Fair Tax. We should be taking this unprecedented opportunity to reinvigorate and build support for the Fair Tax. Can you contact the two authors of the book, Neal Boortz and Congressman John Linder and see if they can help. Also Gov. Huckerby is an advocate of this approach.

  • Richard Smith says:

    Yes, abolish the current income tax system and the IRS. For revenue, the Fair Tax or sales tax has many good things going for it. First, it is quite fair in that if you can afford to buy, you can afford to pay. The basic necessities of food, medical and housing can be exempt. Everyone has a stake in the revenue system and making sure that their money is spent wisely. Everyone knows instantly and repeatedly what the federal government is costing them.

  • Kate Burch says:

    The FairTax abolishes the IRS and replaces the income tax with a national retail sales tax. It is simple, transparent, and fair. Already in Congress, it just needs more co-sponsors to come to a vote. Educate yourself about the FairTax. It is probably the most thoroughly researched proposal for tax reform in history, and it would jump-start our economy, as well as ending the corruption inherent in the income tax.

  • Cindy S in Maryland says:

    Thank you, Claver, for calling attention to the bigger picture by uniting both issues, and for calling out the currently promoted, so-called “better” tax schemes! They are “easy-sell” but still UNCONSTITUTIONAL; therefore, they will continue the problems that come with unconstitutional government. The core argument for this issue and for all others must include a rhetorical filter of questions such as: “WHAT IS THE ROLE OF CIVIL GOVERNMENT?” and, in this case, “WHAT IS THE CONSTITUTIONAL ROLE OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT?” Any suggested taxing schemes must be examined against that filter. Any that do not qualify can be discarded, easily and immediately. The existence of the IRS does not qualify based on that filter–the standard against which all government agencies and policies must be critiqued. The public presentation and lobbying argument to eliminate the IRS should include the idea that the IRS and the current tax structure is “one of” and “another of” the easily-seen unconstitutional reaches of government. The public and elected officials need to hear the consistent message regarding the role of government, which applies to every issue that we fight for or against.

  • Mary Lou Jaeger says:

    We must absolutely insist on abolishing the IRS and the income tax system, thereby declaring ObamaCare defunct because it is an income tax, according the US Supreme court decision 1 year ago.

    Obamacare is to be administered by 1600 IRS agents and will be determined by the income levels of the US citizens. Half of our
    nation doesn’t pay taxes but the other half of the country will
    be taxed on their income to pay for ObamaCare.

    The House must refuse to fund ObamaCare and must push for abolishing the IRS immediately, so we can start working on an
    alternative healthcare system that makes sense and doesn’t leave us with no healthcare.

    How about if Ben Carson, the Johns Hopkins medical expert, were to oversee the new medical health system. He sure seems to be the best and most knowledgeable person to take charge of that task!!

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