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150 more years and mission accomplished. And the Left has the wicked, demonic nerve to call the GOP and the Tea Party racist? THIS is the spirit of the Democratic Party, from its inception until …

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Let’s Stop Looking For The Next Reagan. We’re NOT Going To Find Him.

Submitted by on June 29, 2011 – 4:37 pm19 Comments

Every election cycle candidates with an “R” behind their names start invoking the name of Ronald Reagan.  Time after time we hear activists and conservative voters stating that they want “someone like Reagan”.  Let’s not even get started on how the presidential candidates conduct themselves.

It seems like it’s a contest at presidential debates to see how many times one can state the name Reagan.  We could turn it into a drinking game – take a shot every time Reagan is mentioned and no one in the place could drive home.

Do any of you remember the 08 primary election for the GOP?  I know, I know.  Don’t remind you.  It makes me nauseous thinking about it too. However, think back to that debate that was held at the Ronald Reagan Library.  Nancy Reagan was sitting on the front row and it was a Reagan-a-thon.  It was a wrestling match to see which candidate was going to have Mrs. Reagan on his arm. And, wouldn’t you know it, McCain won the contest.

Allow me to jump further back in time to the 19th century.

President Andrew Jackson took the oath of office on March 4, 1829.  From all historical accounts he was a powerful and popular president.  As can be the case for any political office holder, you can find something to like about him and a whole lot to dislike about him.

Regardless of your interpretation of his terms in office, what was ushered in was called the “Age of Jackson”.  Election cycle after election cycle, the people of the nation attempted to find the “next Jackson”.  Presidential candidates promised to be the “next Jackson”.  Every president was measured against the policies, accomplishments, and style of Andrew Jackson.  Naturally, none of them seemed to ever measure up – although James K. Polk is seen as being the most successful, even having served just one term.

The concluding search for the “next Jackson”, and the dusk of his age, came with the election of a man by the name of Abraham Lincoln.

Returning to contemporary times, the nation elected George H.W. Bush on the hope that he would continue the work that Reagan initiated.  The nation was disappointed.  And the practice of looking for the “next Reagan” began in earnest.  Although every GOP primary has been colored by the search, the search has fallen miserably short cycle after cycle.  Why?

Because there was only one Reagan!  The only place you’re going to find the great Reagan now is in his beautiful tomb at his library, and in the memories of those that lived at the time of his service.  There is no other Reagan!  And, we should stop looking for such a creature.  It’s a waste of time.

Ronald Reagan was put in the plans of God for just the time that he was needed.  Reagan had the beliefs, the temperament, the personality, the skills and everything else that was needed for just that moment in American and world history.  For once, 20th Century America got it right when it came to selecting its servant-in-chief.  But, he’s gone and there is no other –   certainly not these cheap Reagan imposters that fashion themselves suitable for the White House in this cycle.  And I mean every one of them – no one excluded.

In the selection process of this cycle, and those to come in the future, we should be seeking out the “next Lincoln”, if you will.  We should be looking for the one that will make Reagan a fond memory.  We need the one that is specially and specifically anointed by God for THIS time, and the challenges that we face at THIS moment.  And you can be sure it won’t be anyone that closely resembles the great Reagan.  It’s going to be someone that can achieve greatness through the power of an unique and genuine set of qualities that we may have never witnessed before from a conservative.  That person will not “look” like Reagan, will not “sound” like Reagan, will not govern like Reagan.

Greatness is a rare commodity.  It’s not easily found.  Nevertheless, it’s a treasure worth hunting for because it means a complete rejection of mediocrity.

To you, the saints and patriots, I encourage you to cease your look for the “next Reagan” and began searching for the next Great One.  Furthermore, in this election cycle and those to follow for decades to come, let’s see if any one of those that seek our precious vote contain the spirit of revolution.  In THIS era, that will be the key quality to greatness.



  • Joe says:

    Totally agreed. Reagan was a great man but conservatives need to find a new leader instead of constantly trying to measure each candidate against a man that can never be replicated. We need to move forward remembering Reagan’s legacy but not trying to find his nonexistent clone.

  • Ted says:

    You are right…. Ron “amnesty” Reagan was a fine president for the 80′s but now we know our enemy. We need to fight that enemy & it’s socialist freedom robbing divisive ways. Socialists are now in power with a Marxist education so….. We actually need to be looking for a Winston Churchill. God Bless us with a real leader.

  • Pat Carafano says:

    Right–we should not be seeking another “R.R.” or even a “G.O.” (for Great One, which is what comic Jackie Gleason was nicknamed). Let’s just seek “G.C.”–God’s choice!

  • kathleen says:

    amen– have been looking for years- a leader who leads for THIS time! thx

  • Miriam Cooley says:

    I totally agree. What America needs is a new champion for our date and time. I feel like he is out there but we need to pray and believe for this man to rise up. I did say “man” because I don’t believe we are ready for a woman president. I want to see a candidate that runs his campaign on issues and leaves the mud slinging to the other guys. I really appreciate the work you are doing and I hope your efforts will be impacting sooner rather than later.

  • Jane says:

    You won’t get any argument from me. I think your article is spot on. We don’t need another Reagan, and we do need somebody for today and today’s issues. One other consideration I’d like to propose is not to select anyone who has graduated from the “top” universities in the last thirty-five years; the graduates have all been indoctrinated in global, socialist and anarchist principles. I’m a Stanford graduate of the class of 1958 before our universities were corrupted by arrogant know-it-all professors who are more interested in indoctrination rather than education. If you want to know the kind of people Stanford has been releasing on the country, you don’t have to look any further than Valerie Jarrett. Can you help us find that great one for today? I’m unimpressed with all of the candidates.

  • ivonne says:

    Excellent commentary. Unfortunately, my key concern derives from the famous John Adams quote, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

    Have we, in fact, deviated from a “moral and religious people” to the point that our Constitution is becoming ineffective? Have we allowed the professional propagandists to entice us away from the values necessary for a strong and free Republic?

    Were a “Reagon” to approach the horizon, would we spit on him and chase him away?

  • phillip curlin says:

    A conservative of any gender. race or religion will win hands down in a general election, once they get past the cronies in the Republican party. But the next election is not the urgent matter. The here and now is what concerns me. We have a republican majority in the house, unfortunately it’s not a conservative majority. We need to focus our phone calls and vistis to our representatives and see if we can’t stir up some trouble and get rid of the demoncat in wolfs’ clothing John Boehner – the twin of our own Straus in Texas!!! The here and now is where the focus chould be. Also emailing your rep is fine but the have a tedious form filling system in place to restrict the amount of email they get… and doubtful they read it anyway.

    Thank you;
    Phillip Curlin

  • Jeanne says:

    You are so right. Reagan was good compared to the others we have had. Now is the time to look outside the box. I have been watching
    Allen West and I am activly trying to get him to run in 2012. I have never felt like there was anyone that good. I was always voting for the least of two evils. Rep. Col. Allen West is the real deal. I get the chills when he speaks. It comes from the heart. We need to get on board to try to get him to serve us one more time.

  • Reese says:

    LOL…NO what we are looking for is NOT another “name a person in history”. We ought to be looking for someone who is here today, and stands firm with the American Constitution, and understands it; knowing they are a REPRESENTATIVE of all of America, not just a portion.

  • doublegee says:

    OK, RE’s (and Apostle C. of course), I only have one question. Do you support Herman Cain?

  • scooter says:

    Very nicely stated. I hope this train of thought hits the national arena.

  • alex says:

    I wish instead of looking for the “next Reagan” we were all looking for the next Calvin Coolidge. He was really Reagan’s predecessor and in my opinion, the last great President this country has had. Sure Reagan was great and ushered in the era of economic prosperity and the moral majority, but even when he had the chance he didn’t cut spending. And many of his lesser-known policies would be rejected by the Tea Party and conservatives today. We tend to glamorize Reagan’s presidency and only remember the postives. Let’s learn more about Coolidge and his contributions to our country- he’s responsible the Roaring 20′s, the last balanced budget we had, low spending, and small government. He’s one of my favorite Presidents and definitely the most underrated.
    Just a thought! :)

    p.s. Andrew Jackson was awful…

  • Jan says:

    Enjoyed the article and you’re absolutely right. I liked Reagan, but those candidates that kept using his name over and over seemed so clueless as to how ineffective it was. Also, Reagan was a man. Imperfect, but he was the right person at the right time. He was a great communicator that didn’t need a teleprompter. The way the candidates keep mentioning his name, they act as though he were a god. We simply need someone with the courage to do what needs to be done, not tell us what he thinks we want to hear. So far, I’m not impressed with Romney or Huntsman, the two that the GOP is pushing. They’re both RINO’s and will take us in the same direction as Obama but at a much slower pace in order to lull us all back to sleep. I plan on staying wide awake!

  • Fran C. says:

    What a well-written article and what great advice to contemplate
    as we seek and pray after God’s leader for our country!
    Your words and your work on behalf of conservatives is very meaningful and appreciated–Thank You!

  • Lourdes Mulligan says:

    Well said

  • Sharon says:

    Clever, you are absolutely right on. God made each one of us an original. Not another one like you or me. We want God’s pick. The Israelites wanted a king so bad. They got one, SAUL. How did that turn out for them? So, God intervene, and brought King David in, a man after HIS own heart. That’s who we need. One after HIS own heart. One who will ask for WISDOM. God always used the least expected. I am looking for the least expected. That will be the one. When we rely on HIM (El Shaddai- God Almighty), He will send the best. Keep up the good work everyone.

  • DebraP says:

    I think someone here (Pat Carafano)just hit the nail on the head…the job of President of the United States should be filled by someone who finds strength and values through the leadership we have in God. Definitely someone (as Pat put it), is “GC” (God’s Choice). As I’ve been watching and making notes on each GOP candidate, I’ve found myself paying particularly close attention to Allen West. Aside from where he stands on the issues facing America today and agreeing with him, what really stood out was that he said that if it is God’s Will, he would run for President in 2012. With that being said, I am also doing all I can to support the petition to draft Allen West to run for President 2012. Please check this man out…I can all but practically guarantee that you won’t be disappointed…I pray every day for God to hear our prayers (I know He does) but I am asking God to please share Allen West with us.

  • Steven says:

    Very well said, Apostle. Just heard you on Dennis Miller’s show today. Your a good man, and I appreciate your efforts!

    Thanks & God bless…!

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