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150 more years and mission accomplished. And the Left has the wicked, demonic nerve to call the GOP and the Tea Party racist? THIS is the spirit of the Democratic Party, from its inception until …

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Piercing the Blue Force Field

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Satellite DishConservatives are often called paranoid or delusional for accusing the MSM of being biased and the most powerful propaganda arm of the Left.  We are not delusional.  We are awake.

The Left’s control of mass communications channels give them a decided advantage. Conservative authors have been submitting countless examples of Leftist media bias from the inception of the conservative movement. The bias is a reality. While the voices of government dependency pour the socialist ideology into the hearing of the low-informed multitudes, equally effective is the MSM’s ability to prevent the conservative message from being heard, period.  This preventive action is magnified in the communities of color.

The prohibition of conservative ideology and messaging into the communities of color by the agents of the Left is something we have labeled at RagingElephants.org as the “Blue Force Field”.

The Blue Force Field is a conspiratorial and very purposeful effort to control the vehicles of communications into the communities of color – with the highest priority being to block any conservative attempts to communicate with the electorate.

The Blue Force Field is vigilantly manned by an alliance of sentinels that protrude from, and intertwine with the MSM. The sentinels are naturally comprised of  political office holders, clergy, community leaders and organizers, union operatives, machine bosses, along with community and alternative media enterprises. Together they effectively stop conservative ideals and solutions from reaching the communities of color while defining what conservatism is (in their terms) and who conservatives and Republicans are (racist, don’t ya know?).

What cannot be denied is the power of communications.  It is the best way to persuade the electorate to act.  The Left not only can be considered experts in this art – especially with their creative-world, big guns always on call in Hollywood and on Madison Avenue – they control the very distribution networks of the propaganda.

Of course, erecting and maintaining the Blue Force Field has not been a very difficult job. It could be said that it’s easy for the Left to do so.  This is because so few efforts are made by the Republican Party brain trust to penetrate the Blue Force Field and invite the voters behind it to join the ranks of the party.  And, when they do make an effort, you can count on it being feeble, poorly planned, poorly manned, poorly researched, and drastically underfunded.

To grow the conservative voting base, RagingElephants.org concentrates on piercing the Blue Force Field. Our primary method of achieving our objective is through mass communications.  We use television and radio ads, social media ads, billboards, direct mail, and automated calls to penetrate the Blue Force Field and submit a conservative message with voters of color, en masse.  Just as the consumer is constantly bombarded with advertising for every type of product one can imagine, RagingElephants.org takes the same approach with life, liberty, and prosperity being the products marketed.

Your $10 or more per month donation to RagingElephants.org helps us produce our messaging and use the very vehicles controlled by the Left to expose the wickedness of the Left. We make media buys through their enterprises to reach their very constituents.  Your financial contribution keeps an unapologetic conservative message constantly pumped into the very precincts where we need to win more voters to win more elections – 24/7/365.




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