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150 more years and mission accomplished. And the Left has the wicked, demonic nerve to call the GOP and the Tea Party racist? THIS is the spirit of the Democratic Party, from its inception until …

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Raging Elephants Flyer

Submitted by on July 7, 2009 – 11:04 am15 Comments

Raging Elephants LOGO!Check out the new Raging Elephants Flyer!

Raging Elephants Flyer


  • As the founder and CEO of the Christian Auto Workers (Detroit 1977), I would like to inform you that Christians are no longer required to join any union as a condition of employment. On Christmas eve of 1980, the new sec.19 of the NLRB act was signed into law by President Carter. In order to claim the excemption however, the new law requires that you provide proof that you are a member of a church that is historically opposed to unions. This is where it gets sticky. Not only does the law set us free from union membership but it also allows us to send our union dues to any charity of our choice. ( we’re talking millions of dollars) As the ONLY church in America that is historically opposed to union membership in America, the CAW is positioned to be the only church and will remain so since the law was passed because the CAW was founded in 1977. They had no idea that the CAW was waiting for this law to show up on the books. Since then, the CAW has taken the Teamster’s union to court three times and won every case thanks for the help of the Nat. Right to Work Defense Foundation. I would like to send my media portfilio if you would like to learn more about us. Please pass this email on to Apostle Claver as I would like to meet him on my next visit to America.

    Silver Currence
    1 Tim. 6; 1-10 KJV

  • Mike OMelia says:

    I am not fully aware of your position here, but I am thus far supportive. Keep up the good work.


  • Audrey says:

    I just found your website today and think what you are doing is fantastic. I do not live in Houston so found it by accident. I wish that you would contact Sean Hannity, Fox News, and be on his show so that the entire country could know about your efforts and donate to its cause.
    I will be donating this eveining.

  • Mark says:

    I am a Physical Therapist with a Nursing degree as well, with 14 years experience and a Christian for over 3 years. Let me tell you that 40% of abortions are performed on African-Americans every year. If Obama passes universal health care it will not only ruin us economically, cause havoc in the medical and insurance industry but there will be abortions galore paid for under the plan. WE MUST STOP THIS AT ALL COSTS! Below are 2 websites to look up your senators & congressmen addresses. Then there is a copy of a letter for you to highlight, copy and paste to a word document…then print, sign and mail to your senators and congressmen…get involved!!



    Below is the letter:

    Do YOU value Your JOB as my representative?

    Then Say “NO” to:

    1) Competing Government Health Care or Public Option !

    2) Socialized Medicine!

    And Say “YES” to:

    1) Medical Tort Reform to stop frivolous lawsuits and maintain our current system!!!

    2) Requiring co-pays on all lawsuit patients to reduce the waste & return honesty to the system!!

    3) Implement Hospital Pricing Transparency to create competition

    We already have Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid! lets work within the programs we already have and make some reform there !!!

    1) Where are the general practitioners going to come from to treat these new beneficiaries? We don’t even have enough health care providers to provide care now!

    2) Are you going to force them to change their lifestyle in order to cut costs on this expensive plan? Statistics show many people who do not have health care are poor, abuse drugs, do not exercise, eat fatty food, drink alcohol and make poor lifestyle decisions. This is a primary reason why they have the health care problems they do.

    3) I will not spend any more dollars of my tax money on abortions that will be hidden in this plan!!


  • Alan says:

    Is it ok that I forwarded the link to you.

  • Jeff says:

    What could this response possibly have to do with their flyer? Quit pusihing your agenda, please. Bravo to this organization (raging elephants)!

  • G. P. Howard says:

    I found your statement that “As the ONLY church in America historically opposed to union membership” to be interesting, though not quite correct. If you will check with the Southwest Region Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in Dallas, you’ll find SDA’s have been opposed to union memebership since the 1800s.  Any organization which seeks to make decisions for its constituency that may be contrary to God’s revealed standards of conscience should not be participated in by Christians.  God gives us freedom of choice to choose sin or salvation. Sin came to this world because man chose Satan’s enticements over God’s revealed will. Today we are also free to choose. http://southwestregion.adventistchurchconnect.org/article.php?id=94

  • Mary Orman says:

    Today, 7/16/09, heard you on the Hannity Show for the first time, while I don’t think Hannity gave you enough air time my husband and I were pleasantly surprised to hear you on his show. It is our prayer that many will hear you in the future and that the African-American community will realize the potential they hold and that the US gov’t is not interested in letting them realize their potential. We are all created equal in God’s eye and may God bless you and further your ministry in getting the word out to all your brothers and sisters.

  • Van says:

    Where can we make a donation?

  • Hawaii Navy Seawolf--Jerry says:

    I listen to Rush and Sean Hanity almost daily as I am retired from the Navy and Federal Service. Today I heard a gentleman on Hannity mention this web site and everything he said on Hanity sounded what this nation needs NOW. Please continue updating your website and I’m sure you’ll get others very soon. The video was simply great!

  • Tweetlife says:

    I heard the pastor talk about Raging Elephants on Sean Hannity’s show today (July 16, 2009). I live in Illinois and was thrilled to hear the pastor speak. I agree with everything he said today and only wish he would have been on the air longer. Keep calling in to Sean, Andrew Wilkow, Janet Parshall, Mark Levin, etc. We need to hear your voice rise up above the crowd and take out the democrats who wish to keep blacks, hispanics and other minorities in their “victimized” state.

    I also appreciate your support of Michael Steele. I think he’s one of the best things the GOP has going for them and I hope they don’t fall for the spin antics of Obama’s PR hitmen (Carville, et al).

  • Denise S Natale says:

    FANTASTIC!!!! KEEP up the GOOD work. Get yourself on GLen Beck and Let MILIONS of viewers see what your all about!! Your web site was posted on my Facebook site or I would have never heard about it Keep up the good fight!!!

  • Jack Cowan says:

    I heard Apostle Claver speak at a gathering this evening organized by the Tea Party Society.He was a breath of fresh air to the political liberal vs. conservative debate. For the good of the country his message must be spread throughout cyberspace, door-to-door and the airways.

  • Jack Cowan says:

    I heard Apostle Claver speak at a Tea Party Society gathering this evening. He was a breath of fresh

    air to this health care endangered senior. For the good of the country
    his message must be spread door-to-door, through the airways and cyberspace.

  • Maria says:

    Apostle Claver,
    The Woodlands Tea Party of Oct 9, 2010
    Your courage to speak truth is amazing and admirable. Your voice is a gift from God to his sinful world. Please keep up the good work.

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