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RagingElephants.org’s Position on NRA Newtown Statement

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Pink-AR-15_smOn Friday, December 21, 2012, the National Rifle Association called a press conference in Washington, D.C.  The purpose of the press conference was to make a statement to the nation following the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

Wayne LaPierre, of the NRA, articulated a very salient, doable, reasonable, and pro-2nd Amendment plan.  RagingElephants.org agrees with Mr. LaPierre and the NRA in spirit.  However, we have some concerns with the proposed implementation of the NRA plan.

As was anticipated, the mainstream media (MSM), has deviously mis-characterized the NRA plan as a proposal for more guns.  Mr. LaPierre never advocated for more guns.  He suggested armed security for the nation’s school children while they are on a campus.


The reasoning behind Mr. LaPierre’s plan is very sound.  When we observe our daily lives, various citizens of our national community are afforded professional armed security.  But, our school children are not.

Mr. LaPierre pointed out such examples of security intruding into our lives from such places as banks, the TSA at every airport, when you step into most government buildings, and individual officeholders.

At RagingElephants.org, we noted the contradiction of college football.  As you enjoy the college bowl games this holiday season, take note of how many uniformed state police offices will be guarding the head football coaches.  There could be a half dozen officers to protect one football coach.  Yet, the Left remains dogmatic in its insistence that the only path to a safer society is to abridge the 2nd Amendment further.

Some – certainly the inhabitants of the political Left – will find the abortion argument of us conservatives to be old and predictable.  Granted. And the Left should expect it.

While the nation continues to mourn the loss of those 20 Newtown children, the adults, and a very sick perpetrator, isn’t it ironic that 20 black children are aborted in Houston, Texas, on average, daily?  Nearly 60 children are aborted, total, daily. Torn limb from limb.  I wonder if the Left would argue that the abortion industry is a contributor to the culture of violence and death that they are now excoriating?  RagingElephants.org wonders if the Left would recognize that this violence is being completed willingly and without firearms?  We wonder if they would even acknowledge the loss of a life as a result of the violent procedure? It isn’t the Left that’s calling for a ban on abortion.

RagingElephants.org respectfully differs with the NRA, and Mr. LaPierre, on how the plan should be funded and implemented.  Mr. LaPierre called on the United States Congress to immediately fund the placing of armed security at every school in the nation.  We adamantly oppose such an action by Congress.

Firstly, RagingElephants.org does not believe that the allocation of such funds would be constitutional.  If the federal government is acting in an unconstitutional manner by funding and regulating local schools, even to the point of creating the Department of Education, then what role is it of the federal government to fund or establish the security of those schools.  As heartbreaking as the spike of these mass shooting incidents are, they are not illustrations of the national security being threatened.

Secondly, RagingElephants.org is strongly opposed to any expansion of federal police powers.  We would certainly be opposed to the creation of another bureaucracy in the fashion of the TSA to implement the NRA plan.

With the control of a federal, national, security bureaucracy for the so-called safety of America’s children, we could also expect economy-stalling, budget-busting, federal mandates being poured upon state legislatures.

RagingElephants.org would suggest a policy of each individual state and school system making the decision if they wish to have armed security and discovering the best way to fund their individual plans.  Some communities – especially those that are majority Leftist – may opt to leave their schools, and the children within, unprotected.  Other communities may decide to make it the utmost priority, and even approve tax increases for the measure. However, one truth has to be respected: It’s not the responsibility of the United States federal government.


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