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150 more years and mission accomplished. And the Left has the wicked, demonic nerve to call the GOP and the Tea Party racist? THIS is the spirit of the Democratic Party, from its inception until …

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SCOTUS Unleashes Gubernatorial Dictatorship in U.S.

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Rainbow Flad and US FlagSCOTUS Unleashes Gubernatorial Dictatorship in U.S.

Last week’s most notable decisions issued by the Supreme Court of the United States will once again have major impact upon America, and possibly global, political and social reality.  As has been the social pattern for all the years of the republic, intense and emotional oral arguments and political confrontation have been guaranteed for decades and a generation, perhaps.

RagingElephants.org was particularly drawn to the SCOTUS decision on California’s Proposition 8.  From our point of view, governors of the states and territories now have been granted dictatorial power over their respective electorates.

It Will Be Useful to Review the Life of Prop 8

California’s Proposition 8 was on the ballot in 2008 – the year of the Obama Tsunami.  Of course, California solidly backed the socialist Democrat Obama by a huge margin of 61% – 37%. Yet, at the same time, the voters passed Prop 8 that would constitutionally ban same-sex “marriage” in the state by a 52% – 48% margin.

It was an amazing victory for traditional marriage maintaining the streak of same-sex “marriage” being banned in every state that it was present on the ballot up to that time.  The voting block that carried the day for Prop 8 and propelled it to passage happened to be blacks with 70% of them voting to ban same-sex “marriage”.

The homosexual lobby and activists didn’t give up. They went to the reliable backup – the socialist, tyrannical judges of the California and federal judiciary.  Subsequently, lower courts invalidated the election results and sided against the electorate and overturned the will of the people (including 70% of black voters).

Upon its passage Prop 8 was destined to go before the SCOTUS and did so in this year’s sitting of the high court. An issue for the justices was whether the litigators advocating for Prop 8 had standing to do so.  Their ruling on last Wednesday said that the citizens arguing on behalf of Prop 8 didn’t have standing.  Therefore, the all-powerful, all-mighty Supreme Court of the United States concluded it wasn’t empowered to settle the issue. Thus, status quo reigns in California as established by the tyrannical lower courts and same-sex “marriages” will resume in quick order.

What Was the SCOTUS Saying by Leaning on Standing?

“The wrong people are arguing this case”, is what the SCOTUS was saying. The position of the justices was that the litigators on behalf of upholding the passing of Prop 8 had to be officers of the California government.  It wasn’t the government of California that was standing up for the will of the electorate, therefore the advocates that went before the court didn’t have standing – no right to be party to the legal action.

How Did the SCOTUS Unleash Dictatorship?

The executive branch of California state government is on record as being against Prop 8. They are leftist, statist, anti-Church, anti-Bible, and anti-Christian.  They are Democrats. The executive wants same-sex “marriage” in California although the voters said otherwise.  So, the California executive refused to defend the will of the voters.  In essence, they just decided not to participate, not to show up, not to enforce the results of the election.

But, the SCOTUS established that only the government of California could stand before them to argue on behalf of Prop 8. This establishes a crazy precedent. Specifically, if a state executive – a governor – decides he or she disagrees with an election result, that executive is essentially not compelled to defend and/or enact the election result. By the SCOTUS saying that only the state government is permitted to defend the law, then a state executive simply has to opt out of the judicial process, and the will of the executive becomes reality over the will of the electorate.

A constitutional referendum is placed on the ballot of any state or territory in the union.  It passes by the vote of electorate. The losers bring suit and the executive of the state is on the loser’s side. It proceeds to the SCOTUS. The government is the only entity that has standing to defend the referendum.  The governor refuses to defend the referendum leaving no entity to properly advocate on behalf of the electorate. Thus, the losers and executive win, the will of the electorate is nullified, and the executive has been given a sure and passive way to level the will of the state government over the governed.

Dictatorship. Passive, perhaps. But, dictatorship, nonetheless.

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  • Pat Truesdale says:

    This is the most clear and concise explanation of the Court’s decision on Prop 8 that I have read. I haven’t seen a copy of the Court’s original decision, so I couldn’t figure out who DID have standing to argue the case before the Court. But, I don’t understand why the Court couldn’t just leave Prop 8 in place and require the State to defend it or appoint attorneys so do so on behalf of the State.

  • Constitution1st says:

    With the recent revelations about NSA spying, and PRISM every single act of the government, at all levels, is suspect! How can we trust that anyone in government was not blackmailed to reach as certain ‘conclusion’ or make a specific ‘ruling’? The spying scandal has totally eviscerated any imagined legitimacy of ‘our’ government and credibility of our public servants.

  • John Noble says:

    When are folks going to wake up and realize that if the States will say NO to the federal government, then defund and disobey their unconstitutional decisions, laws and mandates? The 10th amendment gives states 98% of the authority to run their own business without interference. Federal authority was intentionally restricted to the limits listed in article 1, section 8.

    It does NOT matter what the Supreme Court decides, or what laws the Congress passes or what Executive Order the President issues IF THEY VIOLATE THE U.S. Constitution, they need to be considered instantly NULL and VOID. The federal government was created by the states to serve, but not to rule over the people of independent nation-states. That’s right! The states are NOT under the authority of the federal government, but we are acting like it by letting 545 congressmen and senators get away with ignoring the original intent of the founders of this country. The federal government is ripping the constitution to shreds, but we the people can stop it by demanding our state legislators step up to the plate and say NO to federal government every time they violate the constitution. Fedzilla needs to be slapped down, chastised, humbled, and put back in his cage, and the door locked shut! We the people don’t APPEAL, or PETITION the government. We must JUDGE them and tell them NO when they violate our rights and breach the constitution. Read Tom Woods book, NULLIFICATION: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century. It will free your soul. We don’t have to tolerate abuse from the federal government anymore!

  • Bill Zarkos says:

    John Noble,
    Excellent Comment and Right on the Mark.
    Bill Z

  • John Tweedell says:


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