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This is a list of the volunteers that we need!

1. Telephone Communications & Outreach- Calling people for donations or volunteering opportunities.
2. Speaking Events Coordinator- Planning & Scheduling speaking events
3. Event coordinators- creating events, (Ex: Socials, Meetings, Outreach Activities, etc..)
4. On-Location Event Team-(partner with Event Coordinator and On-location Team)
5. Event planner- (partner with Event Coordinator and On-location Team)
6. Block walking- Passing out information & communicating with interested people
7. Research- Researching News, Facts, & Statistics
8. Policy development- Writing & Drafting policies
9. Fund raiser coordination- Creating events for fund raising or setting up fundraising opportunities
10. Radio “On Air” talent- Create Spots, discuss topics on show, interact with radio crew.
11. Interns- Learn the many trades that RagingElephants.org has to offer
12. Media Director- Creating Video and Audio clips.
13. Out of State Member (OSM) RagingElephants.org Chapter leader- Leading local Raging Elephants events.
14. Local Volunteer- Aiding one of the above positions within your city.
15. Other- You have an idea of where you want to be.
16. Place Me Anywhere- You give us your information and talents and we will place you where we see an opportunity for you.

These items are not listed on the list however you can ask for them on the comments section of the form:

Can you help with any of the following?

Video Editing
Audio Editing
Graphic Design (Images for Online/Merchandise Use)
Website Design ( If the words HTML, Java, C, ASP.NET, PHP, or CSS mean anything to you… this is your area!)
Website Editing ( Posting small items/blogs/videos/images on the website.)
Online Merchandising Specialist (Pushing & Planning merchandise for sell online)
Forum Moderators (Monitor forum posts to ensure that members are following the set rules)
Online Advertisement Specialist (Advertising our website all over the internet, or designing ads for use on other websites)

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Position(s) Desired  Local Volunteer Telephone Communications & Outreach Speaking Events Coordinator Events Coordinator On-Location Event Team Event Planner Block Walker Research Policy Development Team Member Fund Raiser Coordinator Radio “On Air” Talent Internship Media Director (Vid & Aud) Prayer Team OSM Chapter Leader Other Place Me Anywhere