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1. Tall Girls

  • Genres: Documentary
  • Popularity: 1.044894
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Tall Girls

TALL GIRLS will give an insight view on what it means to be unusually tall as a woman in the Western World. The film chronicles my journey to find out why we make more money but marry less often and why there's more treatments to stunt growth than self-help books to grow tall. For me this was personal. As a mother I needed to know: would my daughter have to go through the same struggles I did ? How could I guide her in the right direction?

3. A Girl Cut in Two

  • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Thriller
  • Popularity: 3.155074
  • Vote Count: 23
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A Girl Cut in Two

Gabrielle Deneige is an independent, ambitious TV weather girl torn between her love of a distinguished author several decades her senior, and the attentions of a headstrong, potentially unstable young suitor. An unspoken past between the two men heightens tensions, and though she's initially certain of her love for one them, the see-saw demands and whims of both men keep confusing - and darkening - matters. Before long she's encountering emotional and societal forces well beyond her control, inexorably leading to a shocking clash of violence and passion.