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1. The Leather Pushers: Round Three "Payment Through the Nose"

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The Leather Pushers: Round Three

"The Leather Pushers" were a charming series of comedies based upon the story of a prize-fighter from the Colliers articles by H.C. Witwer. Each episode was self-contained and complete in itself. Formerly wealthy Kane Halliday ( Reginald Denny), fighting as the elegant "Masked Mystery", pays more attention to his flirtation with a chorus girl, Estelle, than his boxing career - frustrating his manager at every turn. Estelle, not realizing her new beau is is actually a prize fighter, is under the mistaken impression that he's a rich playboy, a belief that Halliday does nothing to correct. The manager sets out enlighten her in spectacular fashion!This entry from the series includes some terrific night scenes of New York's Times Square as it appeared in 1922. Titles from other Universal productions are prominently displayed on the theater marquees!